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Wheeler Machinery Co. is the official Trail King dealer in Utah. Trail King is the leading manufacturer of open deck and materials hauling trailers for the asphalt paving, construction, commercial hauling, agriculture and specialized transport industries.

OPEN DECK CONSTRUCTION Trail King Trailers Wheeler Machinery Co.

Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck: Engineered to make unhooking, loading/unloading, and hooking up again a simple one-person operation.
Hydraulic Sliding Axle: The Advantage Plus Sliding Axle trailer features a low load angle, greater payload capacity and stability, more corrosion protection of critical components, and smoother, more precise operation.
Tagalong: Outfitted with the highest quality materials for increased durability and capacity. Features standard equipment that provides stress-free, safe and efficient operation every time for peace of mind when you’re on the go.
Tilt: Equipped to haul medium to heavy duty equipment with easy loading and unloading. Features a high-performing suspension system, strong steel main frame, and platform cushioning cylinders for smooth and secure travel over long distances and rough terrain.


Steel Side Dump: Two-piece rolled design of the tub delivers fast, clean dumping of your payload away from the trailer, with no “carry back.”
Bottom Dump: Lightweight, strong, rugged, with large hopper openings and nearly vertical hopper walls, these bottom dumps are engineered to stand up to the toughest loads.

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