Wheeler uses 10W-30 as the standard weight oil.

As oils and machines continue to advance, manufacturers also update their recommendations for oils. Straight weight oils were the standard prior to the introduction of multi viscosity oils such as 15W-40. Caterpillar now sends machines from the factory with 10W-30. Wheeler Machinery will now use this same CAT spec oil as the standard for engines across the territory.

Some benefits of using 10W-30 may include:

  • Improved start-up protection
  • Prolonged component life
  • Improved performance in cold climates

Cat spec 15W-40 and 10W-30 share the same additive packages & oil properties (viscosity is only difference).

10W-30 is the standard weight oil for Wheeler CAT
Cat machines are built to deliver the highest possible performance throughout their production life. Fluid Analysis services are recommended. For more information please contact Wheeler Machinery Co.

*Some exceptions apply. 15W-40 is used in large bore applications in certain climate regions.