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Built for Hard Work

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  1. Heavy-duty, forged terminal post bushings provide maximum strength and resistance to acid seepage.
  2. Thicker internal posts with extra corrosion resistance provide built-in overcharge protection and higher CCA output.
  3. Durable positive and negative plates anchored to the container bottom and locked at the top to offer maximum vibration resistance.
  4. Premium microporous polyethylene separators protect against “shorts” and vibration damage.
  5. Optimum acid/paste combination resists material shedding and protects against shorts.
  6. Rugged partition connectors, anchored to resist vibration, shorten the electrical path and maximize starting power.
  7. Impact-resistant, reinforced case provides extra strength in all temperature extremes and helps prevent flexing and punctures.
  8. Manifold vented cover with built-in flame arrestor reduces the possibility of explosion from external sparks.


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