Cat Trials

The Cat® Trials are Back!


PAC-MAN™ is iconic; one of the most famous video games ever developed. And Caterpillar is bringing it back center stage, 40 years after its release, as only the Cat® Trials can: at a scale of epic proportions! The Cat® Trial #9 puts Pac-Man and the ghosts back on the board. It brings the virtual world into a live action version of the popular video game.

The goal is simple: gobble up all the pellets before the ghosts can get you.  You’re watching so much more than a reimagined version of the game; it highlights the technology, the versatility, the agility and the power you demand in the real world. The game itself features the important work you do every single day. Just like on the job site, there’s a challenge waiting around every corner!

The Cat® Trial #9: PAC-MAN™ is powered by autonomy and automation – a way for you to be safer and more efficient. Players are using remote controls to operate Pac-Man and the ghosts, just how you’d use it for work in an area where you’d rather not have an operator in the cab. It’s all about safety for your crew.


Just like the power pellets allow PAC-MAN™ to charge up and take on the ghosts, the ones you see in this game correspond to services that help you to power up, to meet tough challenges and get the most out of your Cat machines.

  • Customer Value Agreement (CVA) – allows Wheeler Machinery to focus on the when and how of maintenance and allows you to focus on the job.
  • Cat® App – makes it easy to track your equipment, giving you real-time access to data and actionable insights.
  • Cat® Financial – making sure you have the right financing, the right insurance packages.
  • Repair Options – Wheeler Machinery can optimize component reliability and durability for your engine, drive train or hydraulics system throughout its lifecycle.
  • Fruit Bonus: Cat® Parts – constructed of top-quality materials, built to exact original specifications by our engineers and rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance.
  • All of our players are right out of The Cat® Rental Store fleet – giving you the ability for a short-term fix or to try out a piece of equipment for a few months before buying.

Cat® Trial #9: PAC-MAN™ is an entertaining way to look at some of the most pressing challenges that are part of the everyday realities of your job. We are here to support you and turn your challenges into opportunities that allow you to spend more time doing what you love to do…like playing a video game!

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