Detect Mining Technology

Detect Mining Technology

Detect Mining Technology helps keep your people and assets safe by using satellite, radar and camera technology to enhance operators’ awareness of the working environment around their mining equipment.


Whenever people need to work around big mining equipment, keeping them safe is your top priority. Detect enhance operators’ awareness of the immediate environment around their manned or remotely controlled equipment, whether it is a mobile machine or fixed equipment such as an underground longwall system. The system can be configured to meet your site’s needs with a range of capability packages.

Detect Vision Mining TechnologyVision
 gives operators a better view of what’s happening around their equipment, enhancing safety above ground and below.

Detect Object Mining TechnologyObject Detection radar sensing enhances awareness of the work environment in critical areas near mobile equipment, improving operator confidence and site safety.

Detect Proximity Mining TechnologyProximity Awareness improves the safety of surface operations by extending the sensor range of mobile equipment with satellite location capabilities.

Detect Personnel Mining TechnologyPersonnel helps keep underground workers safe by letting operators and equipment systems know where your people are and what they’re doing.

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