Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way

In an effort to raise the standard in communication with our customers, Wheeler Machinery Co is rolling out a new, interactive experience for our service customers. We now provide real-time TEXT message notification, or email updates,  based on your communication preference, on the status of your equipment service. We can now send you:

  • Photos during the repair process
  • Multipoint inspection reports
  • Repair estimates for your approval
  • A dedicated webpage for your machine repair – updated in real-time

1 – Checked In / Service Process has started Screenshot of MDS Communication

When the machine is checked in to our service department, the point of contact will receive a TEXT message or Email notification indicating the start of the repair process along with the link to a dedicated webpage. Share this link with anyone who needs to be up-to-date on the repair of the machine.

2 – Receive and Approve Repair Estimates

A notification is sent via TEXT or email with a link to view the estimate and approve it with a digital signature.

3 – Receive Multipoint Inspection Reports Screenshot of Multi Inspection Report

During the repair, receive status updates, pictures, videos, or any other information. You can see real time the status of the repair.

4 – Reply to any message

Screenshot of MDS Text Conversation

To create a fully interactive experience, directly reply to any TEXT message or email notification and we will be notified immediately. You no longer need to call to have an update on the status of your repair.

We hope this new communication tool will be a valuable addition to our customers’ experience.

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