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person using Avant 530 compact loader EFFICIENCY Telescopic boom and lifting power
Fast and easy to connect attachments
Easy to drive
using Avant 635 to put hole in ground ECONOMY Same loader can perform all the tasks
Low operating costs
Low maintenance
Low operating costs
someone using Avant machine to do farm work VERSATILITY Over 190 attachments
Year-round solution
Gentle on the lawn
using Avant 760 machine to plow snow SAFETY Excellent visibility
Safety canopy and safety roof standard
Load sensor

The Avant articulated, compact loaders are truly multi-purpose, multi-functional machines. With hundreds of attachments to choose from, there is a solution for every market segment.
In the Construction and Demolition market, the versatile, agile, and powerful compact Avant loaders utilize many attachments in a variety of configurations including concrete mixers, soil screening buckets, vibrating plate and brick paver installation lamp for construction projects; hydraulic breakers, cutter crusher, and an asphalt grinder for demolition jobs. Avant’s backhoes, trenchers, and augers are ideal tools for digging applications within construction projects. But, performing one task is not in Avant’s DNA. Quickly change attachments with Avant’s unique attachment coupler and hydraulic multi-connector. In seconds, you can release the hydraulic breaker attachment and hook up a heavy-duty bucket to carry the debris away. The compact and lightweight styling of the Avant also makes it ideal for work inside buildings. Avant loaders can be lifted onto the roof, take the freight elevator to the basement, and generally perform construction and demolition tasks in tight spaces that usually requires manual labor. The hydrostatic drive system, offset telescopic boom providing great visibility, and multi-function joystick give you full precision control for the best possible results.

Available Models:

Avant 225 compact loader Avant 420 compact loader Avant 520 compact loader Avant 640 compact loader

200 Series

400 Series

500 Series

600 Series


Avant Loaders and Attachments

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