Powering Through Power Outages

Powering Through Power Outages

Planning to include equipment is only the first step in an emergency power plan. The true test of a plan is how it functions when you need emergency power. A power outage can create major logistical challenges while public agencies and businesses are rushing to produce temporary power.

Generator in Lot
An effective plan is key and assigns priorities to all major goods and services and their delivery. Emergency planners have an obligation to ensure that power for all purposes – public and private – arrives where it is needed, and as quickly as possible.
Wheeler Machinery’s Power Systems Rental Department has created a “Rental Power Planner” guide which goes thru step-by-step on how you can be prepared should a disaster happen. Wheeler keeps generators ranging from 25KVA up to 2mg to aid you in getting up and going as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can check your emergency power plan against our Rental Power Planner below and learn more about our emergency power solutions here.

Rental Power Planner 

Generator on Location in Tooele, UT

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