product link satellite update

Product Link Satellite Update

Connectivity allows you to access up-to-the-minute, accurate information anytime, anywhere—and use it to make decisions that boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve safety and security on your jobsite.  We understand how important this data is to your operation. We are currently working to update files on machine telematics devices to ensure proper transmission of data.

Cat® Product Link™ devices leverage an internal chip that interprets the date code from GPS satellites. The satellites provide time data using a counter that represents the number of weeks from a set reference date. This timestamp has a maximum of 1024 weeks before it rolls over to zero, which represents the original reference date. Without intervention, when this happens, the Product Link software will not correctly interpret the timestamp.  The effects to you could range from devices sending messages stamped with an incorrect date to not sending a GPS locations or other data at all.  Product Link devices might also fail to provide geo-fence alters, appear as non-reporting, show improper asset utilization, or not provide a location.  No impact to machine operation, grade control, or payload functionality is expected as a result of the GPS Time Rollover Occurrence. In order to ensure your Product Link devices continue reporting as desired, flash files need to be updated. Many units will be updated over the air. This will occur over the next several months. Other units will require a physical visit to the machine to update flash files or hardware. A scheduled visit to the machine is required. This will require approximately 1 hour of time with the machine.

PL121 and PL321 Satellite devices require an update to maintain functionality. These devices will stop reporting data into VisionLink as early as April 7, 2019.

Wheeler Machinery Co. will contact you to schedule the update at no cost to you. Please complete the form below with the correct contact within your company for this Product Link Satellite Update

    CAT Product Link satellite update


    If you have any questions, please contact the Condition Monitoring Center.
    801-978-1602 or

    *Some units will require updated hardware that will be paid at no cost to you.