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Wheeler Machinery’s Specialization Shop has the ability to service and repair your engine or transmission from any type of equipment. With our certified technicians, engine Dyno and transmission test bench, we can find the problem, repair it and test your engine or transmission before it is placed back into your equipment.

Different industries such as forestry, locomotive, material handling and mining rely on Caterpillar to design and manufacture their transmissions. Each transmission is developed to integrate with other power train systems and components – including the engine, axle, electronics, hydraulics and operator interface – to deliver maximum power while optimizing the performance of the complete power train system. Wheeler can test transmissions from a 793D mining truck or as small as a backhoe. We set all pressures to Caterpillar specs. We utilize an Air Bore Testing System to check and certify all values while on our transmission bench.

Wheeler has developed solutions to the challenges facing many of today’s original equipment, as well as finding and preventing different transmission issues while on our bench. Contact us today to learn more about our component rebuild capabilities and our Caterpillar engine rebuild financing options!

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