Systems Mining Technology

Systems Mining Technology

Caterpillar and Wheeler Machinery Co. are committed to helping you find comprehensive mine site and technology systems that work for your fleet and for the success of all surface, open pit and underground mining operations.

It’s one thing to put a single product or technology to work on a mine site. It’s another thing to examine how that product will interact with others, or to explore the synergies of combining a number of different products to meet a particular operational challenge.

But looking at the larger picture of your operation and taking a holistic approach is exactly what Caterpillar and Wheeler Machinery Co. work to help you do. Rather than simply “selling” you on a certain product or system, we work with you to define larger challenges and identify opportunities in keys areas, such as fleet management or machine health.

Infrastructure Systems Mining TechnologyInfrastructure. Some Cat® technologies require specific infrastructure, such as broadband wireless communications or GPS receiver systems


Machine Health SystemsMachine Health. Cat machine health solutions help keep your equipment available and running at peak performance while lowering overall service costs and downtime.


Systems Productivity Mining TechnologyProductivity. Cat machine productivity solutions help your operation move more and produce more every day, at a lower cost-per-ton.



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