Cat excavator with people detect enabled

Cat Detect — Driver Safety System

Cat Detect — Driver Safety System

Made for both surface and underground operations, the Driver Safety System (DSS) is a non-intrusive way to manage fatigue and distraction in real time. Inside the vehicle, a smart camera monitors an array of operator inputs, looking for symptoms of fatigue. When fatigue or distraction are detected, the seat vibrates and an audio alarm sounds. This event is also recorded and reviewed by a team of monitoring specialists to determine if additional intervention is required.

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    • Fatigued and distracted equipment operators are present on every job site every day, and the consequences can be costly. Even fatal.
    • Distraction costs U.S. companies an average of $650 billion per year.
    • Sleep deprivation costs employers approximately $63 billion per year.
    • Up to 65% of surface mining haul accidents and 40% of commercial transportation accidents are directly related to operator fatigue.
    • Working with only 3 hours of sleep is equivalent to the impairment of a 0.08 blood alcohol content.


    • Video monitoring to detect fatigue and distraction behaviors
    • Immediate in-vehicle intervention:
      • Vibration
      • Audio Alerts
    • Configurable detection and alert settings
    • Available for:
      • Off-highway and on-highway vehicles
      • Cat and non Cat vehicles


    • Informs operators when they experience microsleeps and distraction events.
    • Detects fatigue and distraction while remaining non-contact and non-intrusive.
    • Reduces risky operating behaviors.
    • Provides the ability to evaluate fatigue and distraction events against available equipment data.
    • Allows tracking of fatigue and distraction by operator, crew and shift through integration with the Fleet Management System.
    • Frees site leaders to focus on operations — not event analysis.
    • Includes change management training to help sites better implement new technology.
    • Offers resources such as training, operator coaching and educational support as part of a complete solution.

Monitoring and Analytics

    • Monitoring center gives site managers visibility of the full impact of fatigue and distraction on their operations
    • Provides 24-hour monitoring.
    • Provides the opportunity to develop Custom Fatigue Intervention Plans with shiftwork experts.
    • Delivers customized reporting and analysis with site-level recommendations.
    • Enables evaluation of fatigue and distraction events against available equipment data.
    • Delivers proactive monitoring of DSS hardware health.
    • Provides unbiased, private, independent and consistent event analysis.
    • Offers customizable configuration.
    Monitoring and Analytics

Risk Assessment

    • The power to see risk in your operations
    • Visualize, quantify and reduce fatigue and distraction with:
      • On-Site Manager Workshop
      • 90-Day Intensive Data Collection
      • Report-Out to Management
    Risk Assessment

Continuous Improvement

    • Measure and refine Fatigue Management Plan.
    • Build multiple layers of risk protection around employees.
    • Take advantage of included change management training to help sites better implement new technology.
    Continuous Improvement