There’s good, There’s Better and Then There’s the Best

There’s good, There’s Better and Then There’s the Best

You have an important dinner tonight at home and want everything to be perfect. On your way home, you stop at the grocery store to purchase everything you need to make that perfect meal. You have the fruits and vegetables in the basket, and now it’s time to pick the perfect meat.

With all of the different types and cuts of meat, it’s a little intimidating to pick the perfect one. The butcher comes to your aide and asks what type of meat would you like? They have a good cut, a better cut, and the best cut.

Good, better and best, colorful words on blackboard

The best machines need the best filters. Only Cat filters are developed, tested and approved to the exacting standards of Cat equipment. Cat filters have:

  • Acrylic beads to prevent pleat bunching
  • Spiral roving for greater pleat stability
  • A nylon center tube to prevent metal contamination
  • Molded end caps to prevent leaks

Acrylic beads in Cat filters keep the pleated filter media evenly spaced preventing clogging and bunching. Bunching allows contaminants to circulate through the system and cause additional wear.
Spiral Roving eliminates pleat movement ensuring that contaminants are captured and held. Particle counts of filters with spiral roving are 45% lower than similar filters without spiral roving.
Non-metallic center tubes make Cat filters stronger. They are made out of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, eliminating a common source of metal contamination. Non-metallic center tubes are 30% stronger than metal tubes to help prevent collapse during pressure spikes and cold starts.
Molded end caps completely seal the clean side of the filter from the dirty side. That eliminates the possibility of gaps that allow contaminants to reenter the clean side of the filter.

You can’t fake quality. Try as they might, our competitors can’t deliver genuine Cat quality. That’s why it’s crucial to be sure you are using genuine Cat parts. Good luck on that perfect dinner if you don’t select that best cut.

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