Cat excavator and articulated truck

2019 Caterpillar 326F L TH

2019 Caterpillar 326F L TH

Price: $199,000

  • Hours 3667

  • Rating As-Is

  • Serial Num FBR20755

  • Used Hotline N/A

  • Location Cedar City, UT

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Product Specifications


Lane 2 Order

*wiper-radial, 70/30 W/o Lower

*lighting, Cab (halogen)

*panel, Std Start Switch

*mirror, Cab, External

*guard, Swivel

*guard, Travel Motor, Hd

*washer, Windshield Upper

*lines, Pilot Boom Up, Std

*fan, Variable Speed

*cover, Upper, Standard

*alarm, Travel

*light, R Boom

*air Conditioner

*cover, Fender

*lines, Pilot Sdrv (std/uqc)

*camera, Rear View, Mirrors Rh

*control, Fine Swing

*accumulator With Crn

*valve, Anti Drift, Boom

*mat, Floor, Rh Pedal

*cylinder, Stick (w/o Slcv)

*cylinder, Boom

*valve, Anti Drift, Stick

*pedal, Straight Travel

*lines, Pilot Travel, Stp

*lines, Pilot (std)

*radio, 24v Am/fm

*cab-rops,70/30,w/vandal-g Boss

Storage Protection (export)

Roll On-roll Off

*sun Screen (70/30)

*lines, Cylinder

*guard, Bottom Heavy Duty

*hatch, Openable Roof (dual)

Track, 31" Tg (glt)

*joystick, Thumb Wheel

*linkage, Bkt-cb1 W/lift

*cylinder, Bkt (cb1 Linkage)

Stick, R9'8" (cb1) Hd

*seat Belt, 2"

*circuit, Combined

Coupler Lines, Reach Boom

*lines, Bdrv (tcs20)

*counterweight, 8,820lbs

*boom, 19'4" Reach Hd

*valve, Hydraulic, Tcs

*lines, Pilot Stick In, Tcs20

*machine Controller Tcs

Circuit, Combined, Stp Pkg

*travel Motor, Bio Oil Capable

*326f L Hex

*standard Arrangement

Lines, Hp, R9'8" Stick

Lines, Qc, R9'8" Stick

Instructions, English

Quick Drains, Ready (oil)

Terminals, Jump Start

Changer,hand Ctrl 2-way (ansi)

Guard, Track Guiding Segmented

Front Lines, Pgqc

Ctrl, Cat Pin Grabber Coupler

Starting, Cold Weather


Reach Boom Hd Pkg

Decals, Exterior Ansi

Seat, H-back, W/heater,s/air

Lines-hp, Reach Boom

Air Cleaner, High Efficiency

Product Link, Cellular Pl641

Heater, Engine Coolant, 120v

Priced 07/25/23 Da (cf

Decals, Cab Ansi

Operator's Manual