What shoes do you wear?

What shoes do you wear?

We love this time of the year. The leaves are changing colors, the cool, crisp mornings, and golf. Utah has the best golf courses during the Fall with all the vibrant colors on the mountainside. Saturday, you can get up early to play 18 holes, load up the clubs, and grab your shoes. But what shoes should you wear?

Several designs of men's shoes

Monday morning you get up ready to work. It’s your job to drive the D8 dozer today for the land clearing project. You need a dozer that is highly versatile because you know you will face hard, rocky, uneven terrain. You require greater traction to avoid slipping and complete the job safely. Is your undercarriage ready for the undertaking?
The most important element in selecting the best undercarriage to meet your demand is your work experience. Deciding what shoes for your dozer. To figure out exactly which undercarriage is the right fit for your work and your machine you have to ask these questions.
• How many hours will I use this machine each week?
• How long will I have this machine?
• What are the ground/soil conditions?
• What are the grades/slopes?
• What are the impact conditions my dozer will face?
• Will I use any attachments?


The better you answer these questions, the more effective your undercarriage choice will be.
Improve your undercarriage life by maintaining track tension at the correct specification and always use the narrowest shoe possible while still allowing for adequate flotation.

The correct track adjustment is critical to your undercarriage. Tight tracks create excess stress, increasing wear on the sprockets, bushings, idlers, and links. Be sure to keep it clean of mud and other debris by making a daily visual inspection.
Every CAT undercarriage is built to exact specifications based on the real work experiences, so when you select a CAT undercarriage, you know you have the correct shoes to meet your project demands or play those perfect 18 holes.
Learn more about our current undercarriage offerings here.

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