Product Link

What’s a 10% Reduction in Idle Time Worth? With Cat Product Link You’ll Know.

Product Link

Caterpillar’s satellite-based or cell-based Product Link systems send valuable health and utilization information from your Caterpillar equipment that no other competitor’s online monitoring system can provide. Via a Caterpillar website, Product Link can show you the same event and component diagnostic codes from your equipment as you’d see using Cat Electronic Technician. In addition to comprehensive machine health data, Product Link will also display machine GPS location and geo-fences, meter hours, help you track planned maintenance, and even tell you exactly which Caterpillar parts are needed for each planned maintenance interval. (*Additional hardware required. Call for details.)

See your equipment at a glance with the Fleet Summary view

  • Monitor daily fuel usage, route fuel trucks efficiently and track equipment usage day-by-day, hour-by-hour to effectively manage your assets’ performance and condition
  • Easily set up site boundaries (avoid using “geofences” to describe these) and security alerts to inform you of unauthorized equipment usage
  • Click directly through to Cat® PartStore™ to make service and maintenance even easier with 24/7 ordering capabilities
  • Customize views for specific groups of assets, all equipment on a site, equipment that is due for service and more
  • Compare working time vs. idle time (please use “working time vs. idle time” when referencing this feature) to improve utilization
  • When you know where your equipment is, what it’s doing and how it’s performing, you can maximize your efficiency and lower your operating costs.
  • Product Link helps you get that information to the right people — at the right time — to improve your bottom line results.

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