Crushing and Screening Equipment Guide

Each year, over a billion tons of crushed stone is produced in the United States. Seventy-six percent of the crushed stone used in the U.S. is for construction material such as road construction or maintenance. Without crushing and screening equipment, …

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Cat Rental Excavator


Having an assortment of flexible equipment options at your disposal can increase the efficiency and lower the operating costs in your Utah business. And when it comes to flexibility, your best source is Wheeler Machinery Co.…

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Increase in crushing productivity

20% increase in productivity and more uptime at Minermix

Minermix quarry, located in the countryside of Brazil’s state of São Paulo, has been using Metso’s latest crushing technology since January 2016. Lifetime of the crusher’s linings is at least 30% …

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Utah’s First Net Zero Community

Wheeler Power Systems Provides Solar Power for Utah’s First Net Zero Community

Living Zenith is Utah’s first net zero community setting an unprecedented standard for energy efficiency in the state. With smart tech and strategic design, these green homes generate …

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Powering Through Power Outages

Planning to include equipment is only the first step in an emergency power plan. The true test of a plan is how it functions when you need emergency power. A power outage can create major logistical challenges while public agencies …

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