10 Reasons to choose Cat

If you are considering purchasing compact construction equipment, you want to be knowledgeable about your options.
Joy Stick Controls Standard on Cat machines
The Cat Ergonomic Low-Effort Joystick Controls come STANDARD and even a novice operator can work efficiently. Competitors will charge you approximately $2,000 for this option.
Cat Joystick controls are standard

Cat Foot Throttle Standard
The Cat foot throttle allows you to always keep your hands on the joysticks where they belong while saving fuel. An average of $2,000 for upgraded controls will get you this feature on a competitor’s machine.
Cat Foot Throttle comes standard on Cat Machines
3 Suspended Undercarriage
The Cat STANDARD undercarriage suspension isolates the operator and machine chassis from shock and vibration generated by rough terrain while conforming to ground conditions for maximum traction and flotation. This means you get a smooth ride, superior load retention, and long-term durability. The competition’s optional leaf spring roller system undercarriage is still hard mounted to the chassis with minimal travel in the mid roller wheels only, not the entire undercarriage, resulting in reduced Rated Operating Capacity (ROC).
Suspended Undercarriage

4 Two Speed
STANDARD 2-speed on 259D through 299D XHP CTL models allow you to complete your job sooner. The competition offers this option on limited models and will charge you approximately $2,000.
Two Speed

5 Cooling System
All Cat SSL/MTL/CTL offer a side by side cooling package as STANDARD for optimal cooling to both the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler. This configuration minimizes debris build-up versus competitor’s stacked coolers. A Demand Fan is available for further improvement in fuel efficiency, heater performance in cold temperatures and reduced noise. The stacked design does not allow for proper air flow to the bottom coolers, increasing the risk of overheating, especially when running work tool attachments.
Cooling System

6 Security
The STANDARD control monitor provides a single-code security to help prevent unwanted operation. With the Advanced Display Panel, the security sytem is capable of programming up to 50 operator codes to store and recall each operator’s preferences and working parameters. The competition has no security system standard.

7 Serviceability
Time is money. Cat grouped service points, easy service access and individually replaceable and serviceable components reduce machine downtime for increased productivity and lower owning and operating costs. The competition mounts their engine transversely, leaving access to only one side of the engine. This setup requires a belt drive to run the pumps, which is less efficient, and adds a maintenance item to the system.

8 Operator Environment
STANDARD modular one-piece sealed and pressurized cab for a clean, quiet working environment. Available High Back, Heated Air Suspension Seat with Lumbar Adjustment. The competition uses a two-piece cab design that relies on foam seals to join the two sections. Optional Air Suspension Seat that does not include High Back, Heat or Lumbar Support.
Operator Environment

9 Superior Safety
Don’t let the competition charge you for safety! Lower your risk of jobsite accidents, insurance rates and repair costs with our industry leading STANDARD safety features that include: excellent sight lines, horn, rear view mirror, work lights, backup alarm, two emergency exits, safety interlock system, hydraulic accumulator, dead-engine lower valve, lift arm brace that can be operated by single person and our spring applied, hydraulically released parking brake. Optional rearview camera for enhanced job site visibility.
Superior Safety

10 Dealer Capabilities
Wheeler Machinery will be there for the life of your equipment, bringing you the tools, technologies, service and know-how that keep your machine productive and make it pay. So when you’re looking for a complete and capable parts and service provider, or you’re making the decision to buy, rent, repair, rebuild or sell a machine for your business, you owe it to yourself to know the people at Wheeler.
Dealer Capabilities