Camera Security Trailers

Camera Security Trailers

Mobile security cameras for job sites continue to grow in popularity because of their high performance and cost-effectiveness. While conventional fixed designs involve expensive cabling and anchoring, systems contained on trailers are more portable and practical for temporary work projects. A mobile security system also offers remote access and Wi-Fi capability.

Wheeler Machinery Co. offers state-of-the-art solutions from Camera Security Trailers to help you monitor your job site. The efficiency, convenience and overall effectiveness make these trailers ideal for all types of outdoor projects.

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Surveillance Camera Trailers for Construction Sites

Our mobile camera trailers have infrared motion detectors with built-in video verification cameras. These cameras transmit intrusions to the dispatch center and send pictures of the activity. The dispatch center alerts the necessary authorities, providing video evidence of what’s happening at the scene.

When an intruder trips the system, loud bells, alarms and strobe lights act as a deterrent from further action until police arrive.

Explore some of the primary features of the system:

  • Solar panels and batteries supply all the necessary power for self-containment.
  • Cellular routers provide an independent internet source.
  • Operators can use the trailer-mounted loudspeaker remotely from a smartphone.
  • Red and blue strobe lights, alarms and sirens provide extra deterrents against intrusion.
  • UL listed Grade A central monitoring station tracks activity 24/7.
  • Managers can operate the entire system remotely.

The Benefits of Mobile Camera Trailers

Monitoring your construction site with cameras offers many advantages. When you implement a trailer surveillance system, you’ll have a digital document of what happens on your construction site. There’s no need for witness testimony or interpretation of events. This technology also provides superior visibility in the lowest lighting conditions where on-site security guards may not be able to see well.

These mobile camera trailers offer several benefits:

  • Deterrents for intruders: The presence of cameras and other electronic devices around a job site often serves as a visual deterrent for would-be intruders. The alarm system and strobe lights pose additional deterrents.
  • Constant surveillance: Our mobile camera trailers provide accurate surveillance 24 hours per day, seven days a week. That means there’s no need to worry about fatigue, lack of concentration or guards taking breaks.
  • Rapid deployment and quick response times: You can set your surveillance camera trailer up in a matter of minutes. Upon detection of intrusion, the monitoring station will immediately contact local authorities and transmit a video of what’s happening on-site.
  • Worker safety: Beyond security, mobile cameras can serve as a resource for auditing safety applications and reviewing proper work procedures. Managers can monitor a site for potential hazards and health risks without visiting in person.

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Camera Security Trailers