Etnyre Black Topper Centennial Series


Centennial Series Asphalt Distributor

Setting the Standard

  • Improved control and less maintenance. Electronic asphalt pump speed control provides superior dependability and more precise control than manual systems.
  • The application rate is automatically maintained even with variations in truck speed at any spray width.
  • One person operation. All spraying functions can be controlled from the truck cab.
  • Duplicate controls for stationary functions are located at the rear of the distributor.
  • Application is precise. There is no by-pass valve in the circulating system. Material that goes through the pump goes through the spray nozzles.
  • Spray bar is fully balanced when spraying for unbeatable accuracy.
  • Balanced, dual feed asphalt flow while spraying insures uniform application across the full bar.
  • Custom built tank sizes.
  • Designed to meet federal regulations for hot products.



Time saving performance

Combining individual spray bar controls with the application rate computer provides time saving variable width capabilities with the flick of a switch from the cab.

Control panel with computerized application rate control and spray controlled in 1′ increments.
  • The Etnyre computer automatically matches pump output to distributor speed. Enter the de-sired application rate and the computer maintains that rate regardless of distributor speed, bar width or transmission gear changes during operation.
  • No switching between displays for information. The computer screen displays application rate, gallons per minute and feet traveled simultaneously on one screen.
  • Store ten different application rates in memory and recall them with the push of a button.
  • The pumping rate can be adjusted for loading and circulating without changing the desired spray or application rates


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