G318 Demolition & Sorting Grapple

G318 Demolition & Sorting Grapple

Cat® Demolition & Sorting Grapples are designed for fast, productive material handling. Capable of high-volume, production loading and precise sorting, to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your operation. The grapples can handle anything from primary and secondary demolition to recycling to get the job done.

  • Grapple Area 0.72 yd³

  • Weight 2888 lb

  • Machine Class 18-25 Ton Excavators

  • Overall Width (Jaws Open) 78.74 in

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Product Specifications



  • Grapple Area 0.72yd³

  • Machine Class 18-25 Ton Excavators

  • Overall Height (Jaws Closed) 56.69in

  • Overall Height (Jaws Open) 52.76in

  • Overall Width (Jaws Closed) 54.13in

  • Overall Width (Jaws Open) 78.74in

  • Shell Type Options Skeleton

  • Weight 2888lb