H110 GC S Hammer

H110 GC S Hammer

Cat® H110 GC S hammers are designed for durability in rock breaking and concrete demolition. With powerful hydraulics and quick access to maintenance areas, Cat H110 GC S hammers help increase overall productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Cat H110 GC S hammers are a versatile solution for many applications, including road construction, trenching, and demolition.

  • Blows per Minute 450 to 650

  • Minimum Operating Weight 2599 lb

  • Rated Flow - Minimum 21 gal/min

  • Rated Flow - Maximum 26 gal/min

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Product Specifications



  • Blows per Minute 450 to 650

  • Maximum Carrier Weight 35724lb

  • Maximum Operating Pressure 2320psi

  • Minimum Carrier Weight 24251lb

  • Minimum Operating Pressure 2030psi

  • Minimum Operating Weight 2599lb

  • Rated Flow - Maximum 26gal/min

  • Rated Flow - Minimum 21gal/min

  • Tool Shaft Diameter 3.9in