2697 mm (106 in) Fusion™ Coupler Loader Rake

2697 mm (106 in) Fusion™ Coupler Loader Rake

Cat® Loader Rakes are designed to remove roots from the ground and also to pile up branches, logs or roots during a land cleaning application. Loader Rakes are very helpful when the operation requests moving material and not the dirt.

  • Width 106.2 in

  • Weight 2963 lb

  • Overall Height 65.1 in

  • Overall Length 47.3 in

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Product Specifications



  • Interface Type Fusion™

  • Number of Tines 8

  • Overall Height 65.1in

  • Overall Length 47.3in

  • Tine Spacing 13.8in

  • Tine Thickness 0.8in

  • Weight 2963lb

  • Width 106.2in