Articulated Trucks

Cat® Articulated Trucks for Sale

When searching for new articulated trucks for sale, consider an option from Caterpillar®. Cat articulated trucks can move a variety of materials in different applications and underfoot conditions. They also provide high levels of reliability and durability that maximize your return on investment.

Wheeler Machinery Co. is your exclusive source for new Cat articulated trucks for sale in Utah. We serve hardworking industries across the state and in parts of Nevada.

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What Sets an Articulated Truck Apart From a Rigid Truck?

Articulated trucks, also known as articulated dump trucks, haul materials in off-road applications. Instead of a rigid dump truck's traditional four wheels, an articulated truck has six. Compared to a rigid truck, articulated trucks have:

  • Higher payloads: Due to their larger size, articulated trucks tend to have higher payload limits than traditional rigid trucks.
  • Narrower turning areas: An articulated truck has a narrow turning area, making it ideal when you want to stay on a smaller path.
  • Better off-road control: Six wheels spread a load over a larger area than four wheels, so it's easier to navigate an articulated truck in off-road conditions.

Applications for Articulated Trucks

Articulated trucks offer high levels of productivity and off-road access, so many industries use them to haul materials. Cat articulated trucks can carry as much as 45 tons, making them vital in various operations. Industries that rely on articulated trucks from Caterpillar include:

Why Choose Cat Articulated Trucks?

The benefits of Caterpillar equipment like articulated trucks include:


The engineers at Caterpillar develop equipment with durability in mind. Every Cat model has modular parts that you can easily replace over time for the longest lifespan possible. Due to this forward-thinking approach, Cat machines tend to retain their resale value over time. As a result, you get long-lasting equipment that maximizes your return on investment.


Articulated trucks from Caterpillar offer a variety of advanced capabilities to enhance productivity, safety and operator comfort. Features that you'll find on Cat articulated trucks include:

  • Cat rear suspension features that improve load retention
  • Off-road navigation features such as CX38B High Density Power Shift transmission and automatic retarding control
  • Production measurement system that accurately gauges payload weight
  • Safety features such as backup alarms, stability assist systems and advanced rearview mirror design


As a Cat equipment client in Utah, you'll get top-of-the-line support from Wheeler Machinery Co. Cat machines have industry-leading warranties with extended options available. You'll also get access to product support, fleet management tools and other resources to optimize your fleet.

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At Wheeler Machinery Co., we consider every purchase the start of a partnership. We support the equipment we sell through expert service and exceptional parts availability. Founded in 1951, we have decades of experience serving hardworking businesses in Utah. When you purchase Cat equipment from us, you get industry-leading support from our team and Caterpillar.

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