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New Track Loaders in Utah

Track loaders are a necessity to your fleet when you work with heavy equipment. At Wheeler Machinery Co., we carry multiple configurations of track loaders to help you and your crew rise to the demands of any job site. As the exclusive dealer of Cat® track loaders in Utah and parts of Nevada and Wyoming, we're proud to offer you a versatile selection of equipment.

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Cat® Track Loaders for Sale

Wheeler Machinery Co. has more than 10 locations and 90 service trucks across Utah, which means that you can get the track loaders you need at an affordable price almost anywhere in the state. Boost your fleet's power with track loader financing from Wheeler Machinery Co.

The Benefits of Cat Track Loaders

Track loaders have significant advantages over wheel loaders when your crew is working on soft, unstable operating surfaces. Cat track loaders have the following benefits:

  • Traction: Compared to wheeled loaders, track loaders put less pressure on the ground below while maintaining better traction. For this reason, they're ideal for soft ground and job sites that require careful treading so as not to disturb the ground. Increase your maneuverability and traction with a Cat track loader.
  • Speed: When you're working on winding job sites, track loaders can improve your speed by giving you increased maneuverability and better control in tight areas. While wheeled loaders may be faster overall, track loaders allow you to tackle rough job sites more quickly.
  • Versatility: The undercarriage and coupler of a track loader make it ideal for a wide range of job sites. These machines work with a variety of attachments and multiple control modes, too.
  • Performance: Cat track loaders perform flawlessly with the attachments designed for them. Even on their own, Cat track loaders are designed to give you efficient, quiet operation with the newest and most innovative technology.
  • Efficiency: Compared to traditional wheel loaders, track loaders use less fuel per hour. The Cat 936K uses about 10% to 25% less fuel than its predecessor, and newer models continue to increase their fuel efficiency.

Cat Loader Attachments From Wheeler Machinery Co.

You can increase the versatility of your cat track loader with the following Cat track loader attachments available at Wheeler Machinery Co.:

Finance a Track Loader With Wheeler Machinery Co.

Wheeler Machinery Co. offers a variety of flexible financing options through our Customer Financing Department. With the help of Cat Financial, we provide loans and leases on new equipment with added financing bonuses such as seasonal pay schedules, winter skip payments, same-day approvals and zero cash down payments. Enhance your fleet on your budget with flexible financing from Wheeler Machinery Co.

New Track Loaders for Sale From Wheeler Machinery Co.

At Wheeler Machinery Co., we're proud to call ourselves the exclusive dealer of Cat equipment in Utah. With 10 convenient locations and 70 years of experience, our technicians are always here to help you find the right equipment for your job site. Contact us today to get a free quote on our Cat track loaders.

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