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Cat® Track Loaders for Sale

Caterpillar® offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of track loaders in the heavy equipment industry. With so many configurations available, it's easy to match your Cat track loader to your application. When you need a new track loader in Utah, turn to Wheeler Machinery Co. as your exclusive source for Cat equipment.

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When to Choose a Track Loader Over a Wheeled Loader

Loaders can use one of two types of parts to maneuver — tracks and wheels. Each component changes a loader's utility and weight in ways that make it suited to different applications. The differences between track and wheeled loaders include:

  • Speed and Maneuverability: While a wheeled loader excels in speed, a track loader provides better maneuverability. Track loaders have a tight turning radius that makes it easier to control them in small areas. A wheeled loader tends to operate at a faster speed.
  • Ideal Operating Surface: Track and wheeled loaders work best on different surfaces. A wheeled loader tends to operate well on pavement because of how tires exert pressure. In conditions involving soft and unstable ground, the tracks on track loaders navigate these areas easily.
  • Upkeep and Cost: Compared to wheeled loaders, track loaders tend to have a higher cost of maintenance. Owners who use their features may consider their utility worth the added cost.

Benefits of New Cat Track Loaders

The engineers at Caterpillar design every track loader with your needs in mind. This approach to manufacturing results in benefits such as:

  • Versatility: Cat track loaders have an undercarriage and coupler option that help you use them for multiple jobs. The steel track undercarriage works well in sensitive underfoot conditions for operation in many environments. You can also easily add a coupler to switch between attachments.
  • Efficiency: Engineers aim to make every new track loader more efficient than previous models. For example, the 936K uses anywhere from 10 to 25 percent less fuel per hour than its predecessors. Ask the Wheeler Machinery Co. team about new Cat track loader features.
  • Ease of Operation: A Cat track loader has a design centered around the operator's convenience. Many Cat track loaders include multiple control modes to fit different operation styles and applications. They also have handles and steps created for safe boarding and exit.
  • Performance: Caterpillar engineers work hard to develop parts alongside equipment. As a result, Cat track loaders have advanced engine technology that provides quiet and effective operation.

New Track Loader Attachments for Sale

With the right attachments, you can transform your track loader into a multi-purpose solution. Our selection of new track loader attachments includes:

Applications for Cat Track Loaders

The variety of attachments make Cat track loaders versatile in these applications and more:

  • Grading
  • Digging
  • Land clearing
  • Slope work
  • Truck loading

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