Cat® 3406C Fire Pump Engine

Cat® 3406C Fire Pump Engine

The Cat® 3406C Industrial Diesel Fire Pump Engine is offered in ratings ranging from 218-359 kW (292-482 hp) @ 1750-2300 rpm. These ratings are non-certified and available for global non-regulated areas. They are FM Approved and UL Listed. Additional 3406C ratings with or without radiators are available, but not FM approved or UL listed. Starting on demand is a must for a fire pump engine - always. Cat® fire pump engines have a reputation for reliable starts and long efficient service.

  • Maximum Power 482 HP

  • Emissions Non-Certified. Available for global non-regulated areas. FM Approved, UL Listed

  • Rated Speed 1750-2300 rpm

  • Minimum Power 292 HP

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Product Specifications


Power Rating

  • Maximum Power 482HP

  • Minimum Power 292HP

  • Rated Speed 1750-2300 rpm

Emission Standards

  • Emissions Non-Certified. Available for global non-regulated areas. FM Approved, UL Listed


  • Aftertreatment -

  • Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooled

  • Bore 5.4in

  • Compression Ratio 14.5:1

  • Displacement 893in³

  • Engine Configuration Inline 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel

  • Rotation from Flywheel End Counterclockwise

  • Stroke 6.5in

Engine Dimensions - Approximate

  • Height 52.6in

  • Length 65.4in



Standard Equipment

  • Dry or watercooled manifold and turbocharger

  • Charging Alternator, 24 volt, 35 amp

  • Hydra-mechanical governor

  • Thermostats and housing

  • Jacket water pump, gear driven, centrifugal

  • Heat exchanger

  • Expansion tank

  • FM Required Raw Water Cooling Loops: 1.5" iron, horizontal or vertical, 1.5" 316 stainless steel, horizontal or vertical

  • Optional Radiator, not UL listed or FM approved

  • Exhaust manifold, water-cooled (wet) or dry

  • Exhaust elbow, dry, 152 mm (6 in), 4 bolt flange

  • SAE No. 1 flywheel

  • SAE No. 1 flywheel housing

  • SAE standard rotation

  • Fuel filter, LH

  • Fuel transfer pump

  • Primary fuel filter / water separator

  • Instrument panel, LH

  • Engine oil pressure gauge

  • Fuel pressure gauge

  • Water temperature gauge

  • Service meter

  • Crankcase breather

  • Oil cooler

  • Lube oil filter

  • Oil filler in valve cover and dipstick, both RH

  • Rear sump oil pan

  • Oil filler in valve cover

  • Dipstick

  • Supports

  • Flywheel stub shaft

  • Stop-Start System, automatic (compatible with NFPA 20 requirements, able to be energized from either of two battery sources and capable of manual starter actuation)

  • Vibration damper and guard

  • Lifting eyes

  • Paint - fire pump red, optional radiator painted black

Optional Equipment