Vertical Personnel Lifts

New Vertical Personnel Lifts for Sale

Vertical personnel lifts give operators the ability to move up and down in their workspace with relative ease. Vertical lifts typically consist of a platform connected to a mast mounted to a steel base, allowing a worker to reach low to medium heights while having their tools easily accessible at their side.

At Wheeler Machinery Co., we carry a wide range of new lifts designed to boost your productivity and reduce your long-term operating costs. Our lifts are perfect for everything from basic repairs to window cleaning to heavy construction work.

If you're looking for new personnel lifts in Utah or parts of Nevada or Wyoming, we have the perfect solution for you. Our company has carried a broad assortment of top-quality equipment since 1957. You'll get a brand-name product you can trust while receiving attentive service before, during and after the sale.

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Explore Vertical Lifts for Sale in Utah

Wheeler Machinery Co. is the best place to find dependable, high-performance vertical lifts for all your maintenance or repair needs. Whether the job is large or small, we're sure to have the right lift for your applications. The types of lifts we offer include:

  • Scissor lifts: A scissor lift provides an efficient, safe solution for workers to access lower heights and can typically reach from 25 feet to 50 feet. These vertical lifts utilize crisscrossed braces that fold and unfold to operate the work platform. Larger designs afford adequate support for multiple workers at one time, in addition to the tools and materials they need to accomplish their tasks.
  • Boom lifts: If your job requires reaching heights safely, a boom lift can add exceptional value to your fleet. These aerial lifts consist of a platform or bucket connected to a hydraulic arm. The arm can easily raise or lower the platform and its contents, making these lifts practical for outdoor tasks, industrial jobs and construction work. They usually have smaller platforms but can reach higher elevations than a scissor lift.

Personnel Lift Parts and Service

In addition to offering equipment sales, Wheeler Machinery Co. provides a full line of parts and services for our lifts. Should your man lift ever require a speedy repair, we're here to help. Wheeler offers the service you need when you need it, ensuring your business stays competitive and efficient.

Considering the heights some of our lifts can reach, employee safety is of paramount importance. That's why scheduled maintenance for your vertical lift is critical regardless of the application or frequency of usage. Other types of service we offer are:

  • Equipment transport: Have a machine you need to relocate? Wheeler Machinery Co. provides equipment transport services to safely move your heavy construction equipment.
  • Field service: Wheeler has a fleet of nearly 100 field trucks, plus eight lube trucks, to perform quick, thorough service for your equipment anywhere in our operating territory.
  • Preventative maintenance: Through scheduled preventative maintenance to keep your machines running strong, Wheeler helps you focus on your business rather than dealing with unproductive downtime.
  • Repair: Wheeler Machinery Co. has expertly trained technicians to ensure your machines deliver optimal performance. We're fully equipped to handle all your repair needs.

Partner With Wheeler for Vertical Lift Sales and Support

Personnel lifts are irreplaceable for jobs that require working at heights, so Wheeler Machinery Co. offers a comprehensive selection backed by expert service and support.

Have a question about our inventory or service capabilities? We're ready to help. Contact our team today!

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