CAT® Integrated Procurement


CAT® Integrated Procurement

Online parts ordering may take 80% less time than traditional parts counter ordering.

CAT® Integrated Procurement Save up to 50% or more in total transaction costs.
CAT® Integrated Procurement Eliminate duplicate order entry to increase equipment uptime, by reducing parts order errors up to 80%.


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The Cat® Integrated Procurement (IP) can dramatically simplify your parts procurement process. Connecting your parts procurement functions using Cat IP helps you eliminate unnecessary procurement process steps—increasing your business efficiency saving you time and money.

10 More Benefits Linked to Cat Integrated Procurement

  • Frees up valuable purchasing staff time for other more important, demanding duties, such as sourcing, supplier negotiations and contracting.
  • Reduces or eliminates returned parts and re-orders because Cat IP search query tools identify and note correct replacement part numbers.
  • Includes new, Cat Reman, Cat Classic, dealer exchange and used parts with easy online access to information and 24/7 ordering for all.
  • Sends order acknowledgments to confirm orders and keep you informed about their status.
  • Allows you to set up user preferences that suit your business goals, such as eliminating process steps, speeding up ordering, etc.
  • Lets you create frequent order lists that save you time (e.g., no need to re-type parts you’re ordering) when you place repeat orders.
  • Eliminates time spent by other team members, including your shipping/receiving staff, who won’t waste time dealing with the wrong parts.
  • Reduces equipment downtime caused by incorrect orders, e.g., inadvertently ordering the wrong parts.
CAT® Integrated Procurement

CAT® Integrated Procurement