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Hardware and Fasteners

Caterpillar offers a wide array of Hardware and Fasteners not only for Cat® machines, but also for other equipment needs. We carry general duty bolts for normal applications as well as high strength bolts for more demanding applications. We also have a wide selection of screws, washers, nuts, screws, brackets and other hardware.

Cat Bolts

Cat® Bolts are built to exceed SAE Grade 8 standards and ISO 10.9 strength specifications for improved reusability and longer wear.

With over 1,700 different bolt products of various grip lengths, thread sizes and finishes, you’re sure to get a superior product that fits your needs. The thread designs and material durability of our bolts provide high strength and resistance to bolt thread-stripping. Many of our bolts have a Zinc Flake finish, which offers greater resistance to corrosion than bolts with a Zinc Plate coating.

For Quality and Peace of Mind, Use Cat Bolts

Find the high quality bolts you need here:

  • Track Bolts and Master Split Length Bolts
  • High Strength Track Bolts
  • Cutting Edge Bolts
  • Standard Strength Hex Head
  • High Strength Hex Head
  • 12 Point Hex Head
  • Hex Socket Head
  • Hex Head Forcing Bolts

Our bolts, along with matching washers and nuts, work as a system to produce consistently high clamp loads.