Product Link™, Machine Insight at your Fingertips

Product Link™, Machine Insight at your Fingertips

Machines with Possible AlertsEquipment Managers today are seeking ways to increase machine efficiency, reduce unscheduled downtime, and prolong machine life. A Caterpillar technology solution, Product Link™,  is an advanced remote monitoring system designed to help you achieve these goals. Product Link modules options allow varying data details to meet your equipment monitoring needs.

Product Link hardware is available in both Cellular and Satellite configurations. This system transmits equipment health and utilization data into VisionLink®, an intuitive web interface. VisionLink allows you to view equipment information anywhere they have internet access. The interface also provides you with custom alerts and reports that can be automatically sent by e-mail or text as they occur, or at scheduled intervals.

VisionLink helps you focus on key health Condition Monitoring Center at Wheeler Machineryand performance indicators for your Product Link connected fleet. Without sitting in the operator seat, or even visiting multiple job sites where your equipment may be working, you can still have your finger on the pulse of the equipment health. Wheeler Machinery partners with you to aid in your equipment management needs. A Condition Monitoring Analyst is assigned to monitor each customer’s connected equipment. Your analyst can provide training on the use of VisionLink, and will act as an extension of your Equipment Management team. The analyst monitors health code and fault trends on your equipment, and will connect with you to review trends that require attention.

Some of the benefits of a Product Link Connected Fleet include:

  • Monitoring machine fault and event codes
  • Tracking and reducing idle time, evaluating job site productivity
  • Tracking and planning machine maintenance
  • Determining operator training needs to prolong component life
  • Evaluating utilization to shift equipment to meet needs at different job sites
  • Reviewing historical data to aid in bidding future jobs and estimating machine costs
  • Track equipment location and aid in theft recovery

To learn more about the Product Link telematics system on your Caterpillar equipment, contact our Condition Monitoring Center.

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