Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment With Wheeler Machinery Co.

Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment With Wheeler Machinery Co.

Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment With Wheeler Machinery Co.

How you get your equipment is a big part of your construction company’s operations. You could buy the equipment, but then you have to weigh factors like depreciation, transportation, storage and maintenance. Fortunately, you can get around these challenges by renting your heavy equipment.

Renting construction equipment is a great way to enjoy a wide range of benefits, from more project opportunities and the latest tech to stellar cost savings. All these benefits are magnified when you work with a trusted provider like Wheeler Machinery Co. Let’s take a closer look at those benefits.

12 Benefits of Renting Heavy Equipment

The advantages of renting equipment are wide-reaching. Below are some of the ways renting equipment benefits construction companies that use heavy machinery:

1. No Repair Costs

When you own your equipment, necessary repairs fall to you, including parts and labor. These can add up, especially if you have a large fleet to keep track of. When you rent, you get to pass that expense off to the rental provider — us. We conduct all repairs with the help of the highly qualified and Caterpillar certifed technicians in our service department. And if your machinery needs a repair in the middle of a job, we’ll send our experts out ASAP to fix it or provide a new piece of equipment to keep you moving.

2. Flexibility

Renting your equipment adds flexibility in a few different ways. You aren’t locked into using a piece of equipment that might not fit your project’s needs, and you don’t need to buy a machine you may only need for a short time. Instead, you can rent equipment as it becomes needed. You might not start a project knowing you need a grader, but if the need appears, just give us a call and we can get one to you. If you find out you need to adjust your rental period, we can typically accommodate that.

Alternatively, many contractors need to meet seasonal demands, especially if their projects are weather-dependent. Renting allows you to augment your fleet during seasonal fluctuations and pull back your investments when business is slow. We have both long-term and short-term rentals, so you can choose the right time period for your needs.

3. No Disposal or Resale

Equipment owners need to plan the entire life cycle of their machinery if they want to make the investment profitable. That includes either disposing of the equipment or reselling it. In both cases, you’d need to consider things like depreciation and the fluctuation of the market — two things that involve careful calculations and fleet management.

While some companies are happy to take this on, others prefer to focus on different areas of business. Rentals allow you to do so. Let us take care of the math and the risk.

4. Regular Deals and Specials

At Wheeler Machinery Co., we offer regular deals and specials, so you can frequently find savings on your equipment rental. Check back often to see what we have going on!

5. Access to the Latest Tech

The heavy equipment industry is constantly changing to improve productivity, safety and visibility. There are many new trends being implemented in machinery, from autonomous controls and telematics to 3D mixed reality and advanced data-gathering tools. Whether you want to implement this new technology with consistent rentals or you just want to try it out, renting equipment makes it more accessible and affordable.

6. Better Cash Flow

Buying new equipment ties up your capital in that asset. It requires significant upfront funds and careful budgeting, which aren’t always easy to come by. The financial organization of rentals makes them an operational cost rather than an investment. You simply pay monthly, so it’s easier to budget for. There are no depreciation costs to worry about, either, so that doesn’t need to factor into your plans.

Better Cash Flow

Other costs associated with a purchased piece of equipment include ongoing maintenance and transportation. Rentals allow you to avoid these costs, since we can deliver your equipment right to the job site.

7. Smaller Fleet

Managing a large fleet is a huge job. When you rent, you can keep your fleet of owned equipment small and manageable. You’ll have more time and resources to devote to keeping those machines in good condition.

8. Rent-To-Purchase Options

Perhaps the monthly payments of a rental are easier to work with, or maybe you’ve tried out a piece of equipment and realized it’d be a good addition to your permanent fleet. Our rent-to-own options allow you to apply the entirety of your rental payments to the purchase price of the machine. With the exceptional maintenance we give our rental fleet, these machines are dependable and in great condition.

9. Perfect-Fit and Project-Specific Equipment

No more turning down projects you don’t have the machinery to take on. No more fitting a square peg into a circular hole trying to use the wrong equipment for the job. With rental equipment, you can choose the perfect size and type of equipment for your projects for greater efficiency and value. You’ll also be able to widen your opportunities and take on more jobs you might not otherwise be able to do.

10. No Transportation Requirements

Moving your equipment from point A to point B can be expensive and time-consuming. Plus, you’ll have to sort out logistics. Wheeler Machinery Co. will bring your rental equipment to you and come pick it up, creating one less thing to worry about and organize on the job site.

11. No Maintenance Needs

Just as you get to pass off repair costs to us, we’ll also take care of maintenance needs. And we do so with great care. Our highly skilled team offers reliable, regular maintenance to keep our fleet in top shape, so you can avoid the cost and rest easy knowing it’s well-performed.

12. Try Before You Buy

Eyeing a new piece of equipment? Our rental fleet is generally made up of late-model machines, so you can try out a piece of equipment and see exactly how it fits into your workflow.

Browse Rental Construction Equipment for Your Business Today

So, is renting construction equipment worth it? It makes good business sense for many companies, but only if they partner with a trustworthy, value-packed rental provider.

At Wheeler Machinery Co., we take great pride in our rental fleet and services available throughout the state of Utah and parts of Wyoming, Arizona and Nevada. We have a vast range of construction equipment available, including power equipment, lights and attachments, all backed by our skilled team of representatives and technicians.

Check out our rental equipment today, or give us a call at 801-974-0511 to talk to a team member.

Browse Rental Construction Equipment for Your Business Today

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