Cold Weather Recommendations

Cold Weather Recommendations

Hints for Cold Weather

With the cold weather upon us, take a few minutes and refresh yourself on the proper way to prepare your machine for the weather conditions.


Rember to keep safety first at all times! Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual for your machine for all safety information. Read and understand the basic safety precautions listed in the Safety Section. In addition to safety precautions, this section identifies the text and locations of warning signs used on the machine. Read and understand the basic precautions listed in the Safety Section before operating or performing lubrication, maintenance and repair on the machine

  • To assist in warm-up, block the radiator. Blocking the radiator will restrict air from the fan.
  • Before the beginning of cold weather, install the correct lubricant in each compartment.
  • Keep all starting fluid at room temperature. Inject starting fluid only while the engine is cranking.
  • Provide cooling system protection for the lowest expected outside temperature.
  • Check all rubber parts weekly: hoses, tires, and fan drive belts.
  • Check all electrical wiring and connections for any fraying or for damaged insulation.
  • Keep all batteries fully charged and warm.
  • Fill the fuel tank at the end of each shift.
  • Check the air cleaners and the air intake daily. If snow is present, check the air intake more frequently.

Steering response on equipment with hydraulic steering may become very slow at very low temperatures. This can happen even if the correct oils are used.

If the engine is started, run the engine until the engine reaches operating temperature. Achieving operating temperature will help prevent the intake valves and exhaust valves from sticking.

You can download the entire PDF here.
Cold Weather Recommendations

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