Customer Value Agreements

Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)

Heavy equipment maintenance is an essential task that companies sometimes overlook due to a lack of time or resources. And if yours is like many businesses, you can’t afford the downtime that may occur when taking a machine off the job for service.

If you’re in Utah, the experienced heavy equipment professionals at Wheeler Machinery Co. have the answer. We can draft a flexible, cost-effective Customer Value Agreement (CVA) that provides the hassle-free maintenance solution your business needs to keep your machines on the job.

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Your Cat® CVA Headquarters in Utah

Customer Value Agreements

Wheeler Machinery Co. is the exclusive Cat® dealer for Utah and parts of Arizon, Nevada and Wyoming. We can help take care of your Cat fleet with a custom CVA supported by the worldwide heavy equipment leader. We can tailor these easy ownership plans to your business’s unique maintenance needs, extending your equipment’s life span and maximizing your return on investment.

We offer several Cat Customer Value Agreement options to meet any maintenance requirement. Examples include:

  • Filter Support: This CVA version is available for Cat products equipped with telematics consisting of next-generation technology that seamlessly combines GPS tracking and equipment performance. We’ll track each of these areas and coordinate the delivery of filters, and other maintenance products to your facility or site at the appropriate time.
  • Premium Service: Consider this more robust CVA package if you prefer a more comprehensive maintenance program. One of our well-trained service technicians will come to your facility or job site at a convenient time (including after business hours if necessary) to deliver and install new parts. We’ll also conduct an electronic inspection and take oil, and coolant samples for analysis at our fully equipped lab.

What Are the Benefits of Customer Service Agreements?

A custom CVA from Wheeler Machinery Co. offers several valuable business advantages:

  • Convenience: A CVA enables you to shift some or all of your preventative maintenance burden from your shoulders to ours. You’ll be able to spend less time keeping your fleet in peak condition and more time managing your projects and growing your business.
  • Longer machine life: Customer value agreements ensure that your equipment receives service at scheduled intervals, prolonging its life span and lengthening the time between machine replacements.
  • Lower ownership costs: An affordable CVA can reduce your maintenance costs and help you avoid expensive repair bills. We can help you develop a flat-rate program that fits your company’s budget.
  • Expert dealer support: You’ll have access to high-quality service from a reputable Cat dealer that’s been meeting the needs of Utah businesses like yours for decades.
  • Peace of mind: You’ll have more confidence in your fleet and its capabilities knowing that you’re optimizing your equipment’s performance and reducing the risk of costly mechanical breakdowns.

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