BH130 Backhoe with Smart Technology

BH130 Backhoe with Smart Technology

Cat® Backhoes are used in typical backhoe applications such as digging footings, basements, and drainage ditches, utility trenching, back-filling, and maintaining slopes and embankments in construction, industrial, and landscaping settings. They are ideal for demolishing concrete when paired with Cat B4/B6/H45/H55/H65 hammers.

  • Maximum Digging Depth 117 in

  • Operating Weight 2325.9 lb

  • Overall Length 87 in

  • Stabilizer Spread - Operating Position 71.4 in

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Product Specifications



  • Boom Pivot Height 17.6in

  • Bucket Breakout Force 7012.9lb

  • Bucket Rotation 183 degrees

  • Digging Depth at 4220 mm (8 ft) 106.5in

  • Digging Depth at 610 mm (2 ft) 124.3in

  • Ground Clearance 3.9in

  • Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler

  • Loading Height 97.2in

  • Loading Reach 73.6in

  • Maximum Digging Depth 117in

  • Operating Weight 2325.9lb

  • Optimal Hydraulic Flow 50-86 L/min (13-23 gpm)

  • Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 180-230 bar (2600-3340 psi)

  • Overall Length 87in

  • Overall Operating Height 146.6in

  • Reach From Swing Pivot at Ground Line 158.6in

  • Required Hydraulics Standard Flow

  • Stabilizer Spread - Operating Position 71.4in

  • Stick Breakout Force 3538.4lb

  • Straight Wall Digging Depth 79.5in

  • Swing Arc 180 degrees

  • Total Side Shift Travel 33in

  • Transport Height 100.9in

  • Transport Width 80.4in