450 Backhoe Loader Pin Puller Coupler

450 Backhoe Loader Pin Puller Coupler

Cat® Pin Puller Couplers for Backhoe Loaders allows attachments to be changed quickly and easily by hand, by simply removing and replacing one pin - simple but secure. Pin Puller Couplers offer a cost effective solution for switching out attachments on your Backhoe Loader is not equipped with auxiliary hydraulics.

  • Weight 260.1 lb

  • Width 12 in

  • Length 21.4 in

  • Overall Height 21.1 in

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Product Specifications



  • Interface Type Pin On

  • Length 21.4in

  • Machine Class 450 Backhoe Loaders

  • Overall Height 21.1in

  • Pin Diameter 60/60 mm (2.36 in/2.36 in)

  • Weight 260.1lb

  • Width 12in