System K 2.0m Milling Drum (15mm spacing)

System K 2.0m Milling Drum (15mm spacing)

The System K standard milling rotor with 15 mm bit spacing is ideal for surface removal or complete removal of road surfaces at depths up to 330 mm (13 in). A durable, high-performance design with efficient material flow and an excellent cutting pattern maximizes milling production.

  • Milling Width 79 in

  • Tool Spacing 0.6 in

  • Drum Diameter at Tips 42.2 in

  • Milling Depth (max) 13 in

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Product Specifications



  • Drum Diameter at Tips 42.2in

  • Milling Depth (max) 13in

  • Milling Width 79in

  • Number of Bits 170

  • PN# of Rotor Gp with Bits (Field installed) 497-9842 (PM600,PM800); 529-7637 (PM200)

  • PN# of Rotor Gp with Coolant and Tools (Factory Installed) 517-0847

  • Tool Spacing 0.6in