Cat® Excavators for Sale

If your company is located in a Utah city such as Vernal, Salt Lake City, West Jordan, South Jordan or St. George, you don’t have to look very far for the best excavator solutions. Wheeler Machinery Co. offers a huge selection of innovative excavators for sale that can boost your productivity while lowering your operating costs. Our new Cat excavators for sale come from one of the industry's most legendary brands.

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Cat Excavators

Add a New Cat Excavator to Your Fleet

Is it time to replace an aging excavator or upgrade your excavator fleet? Do your specific digging applications require the most technologically advanced excavators on the market? When looking for a new excavator for sale in Utah, consider a Cat model from Wheeler Machinery Co. to provide these engineering benefits:

  • Enhanced breakout force that reduces cycle times and increases payload limits
  • Precision controls for better ease of operation and performance
  • Maximized hydraulic horsepower for overall greater productivity
  • Compatibility with technologies like ProductLink™ and Cat Grade Control
  • Design focused on lift and stability to improve performance across applications

Excavator Attachments Available From Wheeler Machinery Co.

Attachments make Cat excavators a versatile choice for your fleet. Consider these Wheeler Machinery Co. attachments for excavators:


As the excavator's signature attachment, buckets come in a variety of forms for different applications. Types of excavator bucket attachments include:

  • Digging buckets: Also known as a tooth bucket, a digging bucket comes standard with many excavators. They feature various teeth shapes and widths to penetrate different surfaces.
  • V-bottom buckets: A V-bottom bucket has an angled shape to make it easier to dig into soil. These buckets tend to find use in trench and ditch digging for pipe laying.
  • Skeleton buckets: Skeleton buckets consist of bars separated by gaps that let fine materials pass through. Operators use skeleton buckets in applications that require separating coarser and finer materials.

Utility Attachments

Excavators work with utility attachments that modify the excavator's purpose. These accessories let excavators perform tasks such as:

  • Grabbing: Thumb and grapple attachments enable excavators to pick up materials and move them.
  • Creating impact: Drills, compactors and hammers create different types of impact to achieve specific goals.
  • Cutting: Attachments like rippers and multi-processors cut into materials of various thicknesses.
  • Site clearing: Rakes and similar attachments clear debris to prepare sites for construction and other projects.


A coupler lets an operator quickly switch between attachments. These accessories work well in applications that need multi-purpose solutions.

How to Choose the Right Excavator for Your Fleet

New excavators from Caterpillar® come in a variety of sizes suited for different applications. Consider these key differences when deciding on the right model for your fleet:

Compact Excavators

Also known as mini excavators, compact excavators offer a high level of maneuverability. As a result, they work well in tight spaces for projects that don't need a large amount of power.

Mid-Sized Excavators

A mid-sized excavator provides slightly more power than a compact excavator while offering increased maneuverability. Consider these machines when you need more strength than a mini excavator can offer.

Standard Excavators

Most excavators on the market count as standard excavators, also known as full-sized excavators. Commercial construction professionals consider this type of excavator to be the industry standard.

Large Excavators

In situations that require massive demolition or construction, many fleet owners choose large excavators. These machines provide the highest power levels and capacity of all the excavator types.

A Deal Built for You

At Wheeler Machinery Co., we understand that every business has unique needs. During the buying process, you'll determine your goals, and we'll make a deal that helps you achieve them. We are currently offering outstanding deals on a variety of excavator models.

Your Source for Cat Excavators for Sale in Utah

Wheeler Machinery Co.’s relationship with Caterpillar has endured for more than 60 years. We offer the complete lineup of Cat excavators for sale that deliver the performance, dependability and efficiency you’ve come to expect from the worldwide heavy equipment leader.

Our new Cat hydraulic excavator inventory ranges from mini units that combine power and versatility to large models for those heavy-duty digging applications. Our heavy equipment experts can help you choose the perfect excavator for your needs and budget.

Check out our current selection of new Cat excavators for sale in Utah or stop by the nearest Wheeler Machinery Co. branch for an in-person look today! You can also contact our experts online or call us at 801-974-0511.

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