Cat 906 Compact Wheel Loader

Maximum Gross Power
74.7 HP
Engine Model
Cat C2.8*
Maximum Gross Power - SAE J1995
74.7 HP


Maximum Gross Power
Engine Model
Cat C2.8*
Maximum Gross Power - SAE J1995
Maximum Gross Power - ISO 14396
Maximum Gross Power - ISO 14396 (metric)
Rated Net Power - Rated Engine Speed
Rated Net Power - SAE J1349
Rated Net Power - ISO 9249
Maximum Gross Torque - SAE J1995
Maximum Gross Torque - ISO 14396
Advertised power is tested per the specified standard in effect at the time of manufacture.
Note (1)
Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel.
Note (2)
*Two Cat C2.8 engine emission options are available: 1) Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V. 2) U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA equivalent. Tier 3 engine specs are 0.3 kW/0.4 hp more gross power (SAE J1995), 0.2 kW/0.3 hp on net power (SAE J1349) an
Note (3)
#Maximum gross and net torque measured at 1,600 rpm.




Operating Weight


Bucket Capacities
0.75-1.55 m³ (1.0-2.0 yd³)
Bucket Capacities - General Purpose
0.80-1.35 m³ (1.0-1.7 yd³)
Bucket Capacities - Light Material
1.25-1.55 m³ (1.6-2.0 yd³)
Bucket selection must be made with an understanding of the material density and application to ensure machine stability is maintained within the tipping loads stated per model and configuration.

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank
Cooling System
Engine Crankcase
Axles - Front Center Differential
Axles - Rear Center Differential
Hydraulic System - Including Tank
Hydraulic Tank
No Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) fluid needed on this size engine.


Fixed (standard) Locking Differential (optional)
Fixed (standard) Locking Differential (optional)


Steering Articulation Angle - Each Direction
Maximum Flow - Steering Pump
Maximum Working Pressure - Steering Pump
Number of Steering Wheel Turns - Full Left to Full Right or Full Right to Full Left
3.25 turns or 4.00 turns


#Factory default shown, can be adjusted to any speed up to 19 km/h (12 mph).


Tire Size - Standard
*405/70 R18 SPT9
Tire Size - Optional
405/70 R18 Powerloads
Tire Size - Optional (1)
340/80 R18 XMCL/Bibload
Tire Size - Optional (2)
340/80 R18 TRI 2
Tire Size - Optional (3)
40X14-20 TL, SM/TR
*This tire has been used for all dimension, stability and performance data.
Note (1)
Other tire choices are available. Contact your Cat dealer for details.
Note (2)
In certain applications, the loader’s productive capabilities may exceed the tire’s tonnes-km/h (ton-mph) capabilities.
Note (3)
Caterpillar recommends that you consult a tire supplier to evaluate all conditions before selecting a tire model.


ISO 3471:2008
ISO 3449:2005 Level II
Note (1)
Canopy and cab, Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) are available worldwide. Canopy not available in EU.

Loader Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Cycle Time - Rackback
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lift
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump
* Maximum flow stated, actual flow delta could be 6% from data shown. Also adjustable from 20% to 100% of maximum flow through display.

Dimensions - With SSL Coupler - Approximate

Dig Depth
Turning Radius - Over Bucket
Turning Radius - Inside Tire
Departure Angle - Degrees
Articulation Angle - Degrees

Standard Equipment:

  • Electrical
    • Product Link
    • Service (Electronic Technician)
    • Lights, roading, front halogen
    • Lights, rear stop and turn, LED
    • Cab mounted fuse panel
    • Battery disconnect switch
    • Battery, heavy duty, 12V, 90Ah and 1,000 CCA
    • Alternator, 100 amp sealed
  • Hydraulics
    • Motor, single drive with dedicated implement and steering pumps
    • Multi-function lift and tilt with loader arm float
    • Joystick, single lever, single auxiliary roller
    • Implement valve, pressure compensated
    • Hystat displacement pump, infinitely variable
    • Caterpillar HYDO Advanced 10 hydraulic oil
    • Coupler/pin on attachment ready
    • Demand cooling fan, hydraulically driven
    • Dead engine lower, lift valve, manual
    • Electro-hydraulic, fully proportional controls
    • Hydraulic pilot shut off switch, in cab
  • Operator Environment
    • Cab
      – Doors (2), fixed glass
      – Wipers, front and rear, full front coverage
      – Windshield, front single piece
      – Window, rear heated
      – Radio ready, speakers and wiring
      – Air vents, (4) screen, (7) directional
      – Heating, mechanical control unit
      – Sun visor, solid, front full width
      – Interior light (incandescent)
    • Seat, manual height adjustment, (cab) fabric with adjustable left arm rest, (canopy) vinyl
    • Joystick, seat mounted, standard multifunction
      – FNR, auxiliary roller, speed range select, continuous flow, differential lock, horn
      – Arm rest, padded right, multiple position vertical height
    • Display, analog and digital
      – Gauges (2), hydraulic oil, engine coolant
      – Digital with soft touch buttons – fuel level, speed range, speedometer, service hour meter, service/maintenance information, hydraulic and power train performance and aggressiveness settings, security passcode (multiple languages)
    • ROPS/FOPS certified canopy/cab
      – 12V power outlets, interior/exterior
      – Pedals, raised, foot, brake/inching, accelerator
      – Lever, parking brake
      – Cup holders (2)
      – CB radio clip, phone holder
      – Door release, internal (left and right)
      – Hook, large, coat and hard hat
      – Floormat, heavy duty, easy clean
      – Mirrors, (2) external breakaway, (1) internal
      – Operator station on isolation mounts
      – Steering wheel, spinner knob, horn in center
      – Seat belt, orange, retractable, 51 mm (2 in)
      – Storage, personal (trays [3], seat pocket)
      – Steering column, tilt adjusted
      – Column mounted multi function control: lights, roading, wipers, self cancelling turn signals
      – Quick coupler switch, in cab
  • Other
    • Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·S℠) ports, engine oil and hydraulic oil
    • Recovery hitch with pin
    • Paint, Electro-Coat primer, gloss topcoat
    • Machine lifting/tie down points
    • Lockable, fuel cap, HVAC filters, nose cone
    • Lockable main and side engine enclosures
    • Loader arm safety brace
    • Ground level easy access daily service points
    • Fenders, front and rear
  • Power Train
    • Fuel pump, priming (manual)/water separator/drain
    • Engine oil, ECO drain tap and hose
    • Engine, auto idle shutdown, hibernation mode
    • Drive shaft, sealed for life, universal joints
    • Coolant, extended life, –36° C (–33° F)
    • Closed circuit breather
    • Axles, heavy duty, frame mounted with outboard planetary reduction
    • Air cleaner, two stage filter, with in cab audio/visual indicator on display
    • Cat C2.8 engine
      – Diesel particulate filter (Fit for Life) or muffler (Dependent on regional regulations.)
      – Fuel, diesel, ultra low or low Sulphur (Dependent on regional regulations.)
      – Hydrostatic transmission, two speed, with inching function, “shift on the go”
      – Power train mode, hystat
    • Emissions compliant, two options (Dependent on regional regulations.)
      – U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V
      – U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA equivalent

Optional Equipment:

  • Electrical
    • Work tool wiring harness, (3) in cab switches
    • Push to start
    • Lighting packages, multiple; front, rear, engine bay (LED or HAL)
  • Hydraulics
    • Quick disconnect auxiliary hydraulics
    • Reversing fan
    • Ride Control or load check valves (Dependent on regional regulations.)
    • Connect under pressure and case drain
    • Caterpillar Bio HYDO Advanced hydraulic oil
    • Auxiliary flow, single standard (3) valve, single high flow (3) valve, dual high flow (4) valve
  • Operator Station
    • USB ports (2), interior
    • Sun visor, rear perforated
    • Storage, lockable box or lockable cooled box
    • Soft touch keypad options, 8 or 16 button
    • Secondary display, front or rear view camera
    • Seat packages; deluxe or premium
    • Seat belt options, multiple
    • Radio, FM or digital audio broadcast
    • Phone holder, spring loaded
    • Mirrors (2) electronically adjustable, heated external, plus lower parabolic mirror
    • Joystick, seat mounted, multifunction
    • Interior light, door activated
    • FNR, twin auxiliary roller, continuous flow, differential lock, horn
    • Doors, sliding windows (left and right)
    • Air Conditioning, automatic temperature control (ATC)
  • Other
    • Rotary sensors (snubbing, kickouts, parallel)
    • Couplers, vertical (SSL), horizontal (HPL-V, HPL-A)
  • Power Train
    • Power train mode, utility (includes keypad)
    • Hydrostatic transmission, 3-speed, “shift on the go”, secondary steering and boosted brakes
    • Fuel pump, priming (Higher regulated countries), electric (Dependent on regional regulations.)
    • Creep and throttle lock function
    • Cold start – jacket water heater, bypass valve
    • Antifreeze, extended life coolant, –50° C (–58° F)