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Could your business use a safe, reliable aerial lift for a particular project? Do you need to bolster your fleet quickly to meet the demands of a rapidly increasing workload? Are you looking for a fast replacement for a machine that’s undergoing repairs?

These are a few examples of circumstances in which aerial lift rentals can be a practical, cost-effective solution for your needs. If you’re in Utah or parts of Wyoming or Nevada, Wheeler Machinery Co. is your source for high-quality machines that improve operations at your job site. Since 1957, we’ve helped companies like yours acquire superior equipment that increases productivity, reduces operating costs and secures an edge over the competition.

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Choose From an Assortment of Aerial Lifts for Rent

Any Wheeler Machinery Co. location near you carries a wide selection of aerial lift rentals from Genie and JLG.  These brands are some of the most well-known and respected manufacturers of aerial work platforms and material handling equipment in the industry. When you buy Genie and JLG equipment, you invest in productivity, efficiency, ease of use and safety.

Our Utah lift rentals include:

  • Scissor lifts: These machines are the best choice for lower-height lifting tasks accommodating several workers and their supplies. We offer rough-terrain versions that provide a safe solution when working on uneven ground. You’ll also find slab models for working on concrete and similar surfaces.
  • Boom lifts: Boom lifts can help your team reach greater heights than a scissor lift, though they support less weight than other lifts. At Wheeler Machinery Co., we rent telescopic boom lifts equipped with extending booms that can reach heights up to 80 feet, depending on the model. Articulating boom lifts present a more flexible option. They have a jointed, hydraulic arm that can maneuver the attached bucket over, under and around obstacles.

Flexible Aerial Lift Rental Solutions

At Wheeler Machinery Co., we strive to make renting equipment easy and convenient. We can provide a boom or scissor lift for as long as you need it with competitive daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rates. Rent-to-own programs — where you apply your rental payments toward an eventual purchase — are also available.

All our rentals receive regular service from our professional technicians to keep them in peak operating condition. We also provide on-site emergency support to minimize unproductive downtime.

What Are the Benefits of Renting Aerial Lift Equipment?

Using equipment rentals offers several key business advantages:

  • No significant upfront investment required
  • The ability to add to your fleet quickly when the need arises
  • Lower equipment maintenance, repair and storage costs
  • Improved job site performance by matching machines with specific tasks
  • The opportunity to gain more business by expanding your service offerings
  • More room in your budget to fill other needs
  • The flexibility to take models for a risk-free test drive before buying

Check Out Our Aerial Lifts for Rent

View our current selection of aerial lift rentals today. You can also drop by the Wheeler Machinery Co. store in your area for a closer look or contact us for additional product and pricing information.

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Aerial Lifts

Rental Rates Based On:

Day = 8 hours
Week = 40 hours
4-Week = 176 hours

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