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If you need to move a massive amount of materials on the jobsite without overworking your existing machines, rent an articulated truck in Utah from Wheeler Machinery Co. Our heavy-duty, off-highway trucks can transport loads of resources and traverse through rough terrain, whether your work in loose soil and sand or rigid landscapes with rocks. Available for your earthmoving needs with all-wheel drive, renting an articulated truck will not only be an economic solution, but it will also add versatility to your fleet.

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How to Apply Your Articulated Truck Rental to Your Business

A Cat® articulated truck for rent from Wheeler supports industries like construction, quarrying, mining and forestry. When you need to haul enormous loads of resources from one area to another, either on or off the site, rely on our off-highway solutions.

Anywhere from rock, debris, coal, dirt and sand to waste, wood and concrete, an articulated truck can even cope with smooth and rough environments. You can operate them through tricky and challenging turf like mud, soft clay, frozen soil, uneven ground or sandy terrain. With an open-box bed and hydraulic rams to lift the front, the truck can dump out materials with ease.

Benefits of Renting vs. Buying New Articulated Trucks

At Wheeler Machinery Co., we understand buying brand-new equipment may not benefit your bottom line as much as renting. Our Cat articulated truck rentals in Utah are a more cost-effective solution as opposed to making a long-term investment — especially for your one-time or short-term projects. Other advantages to renting include:

  • Choosing the articulated truck that matches your specific needs
  • Eliminating the hassle of regular maintenance
  • Gaining tested and maintained equipment for optimum performance
  • Getting a fast solution when and where you need it
  • Obtaining the latest and up-to-date Caterpillar® models
  • Receiving more availability with our range of machines
  • Replacing an out-of-service machine
  • Saving money on storage expenses
  • Trying out different models and sizes of trucks before buying

Our trained professionals go above and beyond by testing, servicing and maintaining each engine before delivery. We make sure each component works up to Cat standards to ensure you receive a reliable and steadfast articulated truck ready to perform.

Articulated Truck Rentals in Utah

When you need a articulated truck for rent in Utah, you don’t have to search far to partner with Wheeler. We have several locations throughout the state, as well as one in Ely, Nevada. Check out which site is most convenient for you from the list below:

We serve the entire state of Utah, as well as several surrounding areas. Wheeler provides you with exceptional services and top-quality rentals for any task because we know renting can support your bottom line and boost efficiency.

Why Cat Equipment Will Surpass Your Expectations

Caterpillar lives out your expectations by engineering reliable heavy equipment that will last you through decades of daily operation. We provide a range of models and sizes to support your jobs, and our machines have a tight turning radius that makes them highly maneuverable. With the combination of a wide frame, a low center of gravity and large tires, our articulated trucks are ideal for off-road conditions. The articulating structure is also less likely to twist while you’re moving across the uneven ground.

Cat machines are made to be rebuilt while still providing incredible performance. You can trust our technicians will ensure peak operations so you can meet critical deadlines.

Where to Rent an Articulated Truck

Articulated trucks support many sectors, whether you’re in the demolition and agriculture sector or construction and quarrying. Wheeler Machinery Co. has everything you need to get the job done the right time around.

To learn about our offered articulated truck rental rates, call 801-974-0511 or contact us for more info.

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Articulated Trucks

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Week = 40 hours
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