Powertrain rebuilds

Powertrain Rebuilds


The powertrain, also known as the drivetrain, is an essential mechanism in the successful operation of any piece of heavy equipment. The powertrain serves as the “heart” of the machine — it enables the engine and transmission to communicate efficiently, resulting in smooth operation and reduced fuel consumption.

If your Utah-based business uses Cat® equipment, you can expect many years of reliable service from your powertrain. When the time finally arrives that this vital component shows signs of age and requires care, a Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild performed by Wheeler Machinery Co. can provide a practical, cost-effective solution.

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A powertrain rebuild is a comprehensive process designed to restore this component to like-new condition. All work must meet the high standards developed and implemented by Caterpillar to earn certification.

Cat powertrain rebuilds consist of inspecting and upgrading or replacing up to 3,000 parts and components, including:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Final drives
  • Differential
  • Radiator
  • Torque converter
  • Transfer gearbox
  • Universal joints and driveshaft
  • Sensors
  • Electronic control modules
  • Electrical switches

We only use new or remanufactured Cat products when performing powertrain work to ensure the highest quality and performance and comply with the stringent Caterpillar guidelines.

A Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild encompasses the following steps:

  • Comprehensive evaluation, including a fluids analysis and more than 200 tests
  • Powertrain disassembly and parts inspection
  • Parts reconditioning that goes above and beyond the typical overhaul process
  • Implementation of engineering updates occurring after the original powertrain production
  • Reassembly and adjustment to factory settings
  • Performance testing to ensure the newly reassembled powertrain functions reliably
  • Repainting, applying identity graphics and attaching the Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild decal
  • Final inspection by one of our certified technicians to ensure the machine is ready to perform at your job sites
  • Customer inspection to verify that our work meets your standards and requirements

Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuilds can provide numerous benefits for your Utah business:

  • Improved performance: Your machine will function more efficiently, enabling you to increase job site productivity.
  • Cost savings: Rebuilding a powertrain is much less expensive than purchasing brand-new equipment, a crucial consideration for budget-conscious companies.
  • Extended life cycle: An expertly reconditioned powertrain can add years to the model’s life span, lengthening the time between costly replacements.
  • Warranty coverage: Cat powertrain rebuilds come with a warranty from Caterpillar, giving you extra protection and peace of mind.

The Wheeler Machinery Co. team consists of more than 600 employees across our multiple locations in Utah and Ely, Nevada. We’ve earned a stellar reputation for delivering superior service at affordable prices. Besides performing rebuilds, we can also provide expert Cat powertrain maintenance and repair service to keep your machines in peak operating condition.

Powertrain Rebuilds

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