Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring is the proactive management for machine health for maximum uptime and productivity at the lowest cost.

Advanced Condition Monitoring gives you a team of professional data analysts, machine technicians and analytic systems to help you turn your machine’s symptoms into comprehensive, timely and actionable reports with real advice and counsel on how and when to manage your machine health. Wheeler Machinery Co. can monitor, analyze and act on all five elements of machine data:

  • Fluids Sampling and Analysis: Wheeler has its own, state-of-the-art, in-house fluids lab and analysis team.
  • Electronic Equipment Data: Caterpillar Product Link provides full health diagnostics 24/7.
  • Machine Inspections: Visual and operational technical assessments of your equipment performed every 250 or 500 hours by a certified equipment inspector.
  • Machine History: Understanding where the health of your machine was yesterday and where it is today helps you see where it will be tomorrow.
  • Machine Application: How is the equipment being used?

In addition, Wheeler Machinery Co.’s Advanced Condition Monitoring provides you with analysis putting all CM data together to tell one story with one set of actions.

What makes Advanced Condition Monitoring from Wheeler different? Instead of merely giving you symptoms of problems or canned reposes to situation’s data, Wheeler’s Condition Monitoring program leverages a team of locally based equipment experts to provide you with comprehensive, timely and actionable information and recommendations.

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