Technical Analysis

Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your machines running properly, avoid unnecessary wear and tear, and maximize uptime. A technical analysis performed by our expert technicians is a great way to determine what maintenance can be performed now to keep your equipment performing like new. Here is what our technical analyses cover:

Technical Analysis – Level 1 (TA-1)

TA-1 involves a basic visual assessment aimed at early detection of potential issues to prevent them from escalating into major maintenance problems. During this inspection, the following tasks are carried out:

  • Structural checks for visible damage or irregularities.
  • Inspection for broken, loose, or missing parts that could impact the machine’s functionality.
  • Examination of fluid levels, colors, and conditions to ensure smooth operation.
  • Detection of any unusual noises indicating underlying issues.
  • Inspection for leaks and assessment of seals

Technical Analysis – Level 2 (TA-2)

A TA-2 inspection is thorough evaluation covering all machine aspects to ensure optimal performance and safety. In addition to the tasks from the TA-1, a TA-2 includes:

  • Verification of safety features to ensure compliance with lifecycle standards.
  • Diagnostic testing to identify fault codes and electronic problems.
  • Analysis of engine performance, transmission, and pumps using SOS fluid samples and pressure readings.
  • Detailed examination of implements, undercarriage, tires, tracks, and frame components.
  • Assessment of cycle times, cylinder drift, and overall operational efficiency.


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