Exterior view of Wheeler's wash bay

Glass Repair, Sandblast and Paint

Revamp Your Heavy Equipment: Paint & Glass Services

Has your heavy machinery seen better days? Dust, dirt, and the elements can dull your equipment’s shine, but we’re here to bring it back to life! Our fresh paint jobs don’t just make your machinery look brand new; they protect and extend its life, too.

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Dozer and compact track loader in Wheeler Machinery's wash bay.

Quick, Efficient Makeovers

Our brand-new facility is designed for speed and efficiency. With massive bays that fit even the biggest machines, we get your equipment looking sharp and back to work fast. Our spaces include:

  • A giant paint booth (46′ x 100′) with doors wide open at 35′
  • A spacious sandblast area (46′ x 75′) with a 37′ door
  • A wash bay equipped with high-power water cannons and eco-friendly water recycling (37′ x 100′)
980 front loader in Wheeler's paint booth

We Paint It All:

From bulldozers to dumpsters and everything in between, there’s nothing we can’t spruce up. Industrial parts? Check. Crushers and water tanks?

broken glass needing repair

Glass Shop Magic:

Need custom glass? Our Glass Shop offers cutting, installation (both in-shop and off-site), and we’re MSHA certified for those special job sites.

Wheeler Makes It New:

Ready to transform your heavy equipment or need custom glass work? Let’s make it happen. Your machinery deserves to shine!

Glass Repair, Sandblast and Paint

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