Wheeler’s machining shops in Utah combine the capabilities and unmatched support system of a large service house with the personal attention of a trusted local provider. Our machine shops top the competition by providing an exceptional level of detail, “can-do” attitude and value pricing. We offer machining, metal spraying, line boring and field machining to ensure you get the maximum value out of your investment in heavy equipment.

Everything we do in our machine shops in Utah is geared toward providing cost-effective solutions that make sense for your business. Our complete range of services help lower your operating costs by providing repair machining on all types of parts at almost half the cost of a new part. We provide machining shop capabilities for all makes of equipment. Here is a list of some of the equipment and tooling we maintain within our machine shops:

Horizontal Mill (8,000 lb. and 10,000 lb.)

Salvage of pivot shafts, cylinders, trunnions, axles, rod/barrel eyes, housing, transfer cases, differential supports and wheel bores

Lathes (10′ x 12.5′)

Salvage of pivot shafts, trunnions, square bearings and pulleys. Cutting of chamfer bevels and o-ring grooves

Hone (20″ x 30″ capacity)

For honing inside diameter of all types of tube

Vertical Mill (500 lb. – 1,500 lb.)

Salvage of manifolds, barrel/rod eyes, final drive carriers and keyways. Used for most build-up and bore applications

Power Lapper

Precision salvage of port plates, hydraulic pump heads and flex plates. Restores absolute flatness of finish

Engine Block and Head Surfacing

Surface engine top decks, heads and manifolds. Engine crank main bores, line boring and cutting of center bore

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With strategically placed machine shops throughout the state of Utah, Wheeler Machinery is the convenient choice for the cost-efficient part repairs you require. Visit our machining shop location in your area or give us a call for additional information on everything we can do to help you reduce heavy equipment spending and maximize productivity.

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