Undercarriage Service

Undercarriage Service

The undercarriage on heavy equipment like bulldozers, compact track loaders and excavators can take a beating. Reliable undercarriage repair and maintenance services are crucial for keeping this vital component in peak operating condition and increasing its life span.

Wheeler Machinery Co. is the company to call if you need expert heavy equipment undercarriage service in Utah or parts of Wyoming and Nevada. We’ve been providing superior equipment solutions throughout the region since 1951, and we proudly serve businesses in construction, agriculture, landscaping, mining and other crucial industries.

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What Does Undercarriage Service Include?

We have the experience, expertise and resources to repair and maintain your machine’s undercarriage quickly and efficiently. Our multiple locations can handle all types of service jobs, including:

  • Replacing worn or damaged pins and bushings.
  • Repairing broken link assemblies.
  • Resurfacing idlers.
  • Swapping rollers.
  • Executing grease turns.
  • Repairing damage to the driveline, wheels and tracks.
  • Identifying abnormal wear patterns that could indicate an underlying mechanical issue.
  • Updating older parts to improve performance.
  • Tightening loose gears, bearings and track linkages.
  • Adjusting track tension as needed.
  • Matching shoe widths to specific applications and operating environments.

Experience All the Benefits of Undercarriage Service

Our undercarriage maintenance and repair services offer multiple advantages for your business:

  • Reducing expenses: Undercarriage comprises up to 50% of a machine’s operating and ownership costs. Timely maintenance and repairs can help your company save a substantial amount of money.
  • Minimizing downtime: An unexpected undercarriage issue could have major consequences for your business. By lowering the risk of a mechanical failure, our services can help keep your projects on schedule.
  • Extending equipment life spans: A properly functioning undercarriage can minimize wear and tear on your machine, lengthening the time between repairs and extending the life of your equipment as a whole.
  • Enhancing productivity and safety: A high-performing undercarriage allows your equipment to move faster and more efficiently. It also creates a safer work environment for your crew.
  • Preventing costly repairs: We can detect and troubleshoot minor mechanical issues before they become expensive undercarriage repair headaches.

We Also Do Undercarriage Rebuilds

If you have a machine in your fleet with an older undercarriage, we can give it a second life by executing a comprehensive rebuild. We can restore the undercarriage to a like-new condition, enabling it to meet your performance and productivity expectations. You’ll also avoid the expense of an equipment replacement.

We Can Come to Your Location

Problems with undercarriage can occur while a machine is at the job site. With our prompt, reliable field service, we can dispatch one of our fully equipped trucks to your location and take care of the repairs. You’ll save the time, labor and expense of transporting your equipment to the shop.

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Stop by a convenient Wheeler Machinery Co. location to meet our team and learn more about our heavy equipment undercarriage service. You can also schedule a service appointment by calling us at 801-974-0511 or contacting us online.

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