Dispatch for Loading

Dispatch for Loading

Dispatch for Loading is a module within Cat® Productivity that integrates with your scale house check-in software. It provides loader operators with a list of jobs by truck, material, and target payload - improving loadout accuracy and reducing truck waiting times in the yard.

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How It Works

    • Dispatch for Loading is a module within Cat® Productivity that integrates with your scale house check-in software to centralize yard communication with your wheel loader operators.
    • After trucks check in at the scale house, Dispatch for Loading provides the loader operator(s) a list of jobs by zone, truck ID, material, payload target, and truck time since check-in.
    • Helps ensure that the right truck is loaded with the right amount of material while minimizing loading times and avoiding zone backups.
    How It Works

Deliver Results

    • Reduce Truck Waiting Time - For each truck onsite, loader operators know what material and how much to load.
    • Improve Accuracy - Precise payload targets eliminate over and under-loading with Cat Payload technologies.
    • Increase Efficiency - Use daily performance data to identify training opportunities for loader operators.
    • Enhance Yard Safety - Avoid falls from exiting vehicles, being injured by another vehicle, or being hit by falling materials.
    • Reduce Costs - Save on time, labor, and fuel costs.
    • Maximize Profits - Faster cycle times allow more trucks to pass through the yard daily, increasing revenue opportunities.
    Deliver Results

Wheel Loader Display

    • Loader operators can view a list of trucks by ID, zone, material, and target payload and see the truck time since entering the yard.
    • Dispatch for Loading works with Advanced Payload, which is integrated into next generation Cat wheel loaders.
    • Payload technologies deliver precise bucket load information with on-the-go weighing, which helps prevent over or underloading.

    NOTE: Payload technologies are not legal for trade.
    Wheel Loader Display

Manager Dashboard

    • The cloud-based Dispatch for Loading dashboard provides an overview of daily operations and allows users to monitor day-to-day progress based on key performance indicators.
    • Some of the key indicators include:
    1. Loaders - The total number of loaders available at the jobsite and active loaders currently loading.
    2. Waiting to Load - The number of trucks waiting to be loaded at the jobsite.
    3. Completed - The number of trucks that have been loaded and have checked out at the scale house.
    4. Average Truck Time - Displays the time spent by trucks onsite, waiting to load, loading, and waiting to complete.
    Manager Dashboard

How To Get Connected

    • To take advantage of Dispatch for Loading at your jobsite, contact your Cat dealer for more information regarding the technical requirements below:

      + Wheel loader equipped with Advanced Payload
      + Systems calibrated with latest software updates
      + Product Link™ telematics system (cellular/dual mode)

      + Subscribed to VisionLink® and Dispatch for Loading (per machine)
      + Compatible scale house software with truck check in capability - Command Alkon Apex 6 or newer (currently supported), or other scale house software (middleware and/or API required)

      + PC, tablet or mobile (Android & iOS)
      + Internet connection
      + Cat customer login credentials (CWS)
      + Machines subscribed in your customer account

      Dispatch for Loading availability may vary by region and model. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
    How To Get Connected