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Wheeler Machinery Co. is Utah’s official dealer for Trail King, the leading manufacturer of open deck and materials hauling trailers for the asphalt paving, construction, commercial hauling, agriculture, and specialized transport industries.

Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck

For more than two decades, the Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailer has been North America’sTrail King bestselling detachable lowboy for construction professionals—and for good reason. It’s engineered to make unhooking, loading and unloading, and hooking up again a simple one-person operation. Its dependable load-hauling strength, durability, and versatility can stand up to any challenge, including tough-to-scale loads.

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Capacity {in 12’} 70,000 lbs 102,000 lbs. 110,000 lbs.
10’10” gooseneck (14” KP setting with 86” swing clearance)
12’10” gooseneck (14” KP setting with 11” swing clearance) _
2nd king pin setting (38” KP setting with 86” swing clearance)
Deck Length 24’ 25’9” 25’9”
1½ ” Oak decking (raised) (NET)
1¾” Apitong decking (raised) (NET)
25,000 lb. (5/8” wall) axles 2 3 3
3rd axle air lift
Axle spacing 50” 55” 55”
Anti-lock brake system
Frame reinforced for single axle booster or flip axle
50” loaded 5th wheel height
Zinc-rich primer and polyurethane topcoat

TKSA Sliding Axle

Cycling from transport to loading and back in just 61 seconds, the Trail King Hydraulic Sliding Axle isTrail King engineered for speed. The updated design offers easier maintenance, an increased swing clearance and more usable deck length. The SA features a low load angle, tons of corrosion protection and a smoother, more precise operation. Time is money, and this trailer will save you both!

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Capacity 80K lbs uniform, 50Klbs in 10 ft. 110K lbs uniform, 70K lbs in 10 ft.
3″ I-beam cross members 12″ on center (8″ optional) 8″ on center
102″ wide
Perimeter Frame Gooseneck Design
37” loaded deck height with 17.5 tires
42” loaded deck height with 22.5 tires
9′ upper deck
14” kingpin setting with 86” swing clearance
Hydraulic sliding axles
Tilting main deck – forms a ramp to upper deck
7 degree loading angle, 15 degree dump angle
Air Ride suspension
Air Ride raising/lowering control panel w/liquid-filled air gauge on upper deck
No traveling hydraulic lines for sliding axle operation
Side by side 2-stage cylinder, closed in travel position
Air and electrical lines contained in protective track
Single recessed winch roller at front of deck
Skid plate on slope of upper deck
Dual push/pull style lighted hydraulic valve controls with Kar-Tech remote (winch only)
Central located lube system for axles
4 beam main frame construction
Triangle cutouts
50” axle spacing
25,000 lb. axles (5/8” wall) 2 or 3 3
Updated high-speed hydraulic system

TKSSD Steel Side Dump

Trail King

The two-piece rolled design of the tub delivers a fast, stable unloading process ensuring materials are dumped further away and eliminating carry back. Main frame I-beams constructed of one-piece web and flangematerial, result in a trailer with the rugged strength and durability to stand up to your toughest loads. There is no limit to what this trailer can haul.

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STANDARD EQUIPMENT SSD-202 SSD-302 SSD-362, 402 SSD-413,433,473 SSD-484 SSD-495
Design Payload 30,000 lbs. 40,000 lbs. 60,000 lbs. 60,000 lbs. 60,000 lbs. 70,000 lbs.
Axles 2 2 2 3 4 5
Overall Length 20’2” 29’11” 35’11”-39’8″ 40’8″-46’8″ 47’8″ 49′
Tub Length 18′ 28′ 34′ 36′ 36′ 39′
Overall Height 9′ 10” 9′ 10″ 9′ 10” 9′ 10” 9′ 11” 9′ 11″
Capacity (Water Level) 11 cu. yds. 17 cu. yds. 21 cu. yds. 22 cu. yds. 22 cu. yds. 24 cu. yds.
Capacity (Full) 15 cu. yds. 23cu. yds. 28 cu. yds. 30 cu. yds. 30 cu. yds. 32 cu. yds.
KP to Center of Last Axle 15’11” 26’2” 32’2″-35’11” 36’11”-42’11” 43’11” 45’3”
Empty Weight +/- 3% 11,460 lbs. 12,745 lbs. 14,010-14,310 lbs. 16,465-17,000 lbs. 19,226 lbs. 22,060 lbs.

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