Trail King Rollback

TKRB Rollback

Trail King Rollback trailers are outfitted with the highest quality materials for increased durability and capacity. The continuous I-beam mainframe and I-beam cross members provide load hauling strength. With a constant 7 degree load angle for the entire length of the trailer bed, the TKRB provides a stress-free, safe and convenient operation for loading equipment.

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Trail King Rollback
TKRB Standard Equipment TK40RB TK50RB
Capacity 40,000 lb. 50,000 lb
Tongue Length 7′ 7’
Deck Width 102” 102”
Deck Length 28’ 30’
Pintle Eye Hitch (Adjustable Height) 16.5” – 32″ 16.5” – 32″
Loaded Deck Height 35.5” 35.5”
Floor plate on approach plate and fold under X X
17” hydraulic fold-down approach plate and under-ride protection X X
Air Brakes 12.25” x 7.5” 4S2M ABS 12.25” x 7.5” 4S2M ABS
Dual Steer Disc Wheels 6.75” x 17.5” dual steel 8-stud hub-piloted 6.75” x 17.5” dual steel 8-stud hub-piloted
Tires 215/75R x 17.5 215/75R x 17.5
Axles (2) 20,000 lb. / 49” spacing (3) 20,000 lb. / 51.5” spacing
Spring Suspension X X
Safety chains with grab hooks X X
Covered Lockable Toolbox X X
(10) D-Rings X X
Headboard X X

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