Renewable Energy

Offering Turnkey Solar Solutions

Commercial and Non-profit

We offer a number of unique solar solutions for small, medium and large businesses, industrial and manufacturing operations, government buildings, schools and healthcare facilities. A commercial solar power system from Wheeler Renewable Energy will lower your utility costs and reduce your facility’s impact on the environment.

Thin Film Photovoltaic Module

Cat Photovoltaic Module Brochure

Superior Energy & Operating Performance

In order to offer a superior alternative to expensive traditional methods of generating electricity, Caterpillar® has developed a power source that combines renewable energy such as wind and solar with gas or diesel generator sets. As an added component, our Hybrid Microgridsranging in solutions from 10kW – 100MW, also include energy storage capabilities for increased system stability and cost control. The result is a flexible power solution that reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption while it lowers long-term operating expenses.

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